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In search of the Higgs boson: H - ZZ

Hohlmann Research Group

Internal Research Reports

Internal Technical Reports written by Undergraduates as part of their Research Experience in Physics (PHY 3901), Independent Studies (PHY 4301), or Undergraduate Research (PHY 4902) classes, by Graduate Students for Advanced Lab (PHY5095), and technical documentation produced by post-docs:


  • Stephen Butalla, "Installation Procedure for CERN CentOS 7," Spring 2021.
  • Jacob Chesslo, "Central CMS MC Requests: Overview," Independent Study Report, Spring 2021.
  • Max BrownGold, "Calibration of Sensors for CMS at LHC/ CERN," Independent Study Report, Spring 2006.
  • Sarah Walker, "CMS Object-Oriented Code for Optical Alignment: How to get the software running," UG Research Report, Spring 2004.

 Muon Tomography

  • Ben Smith, "Update on Muon Tomography of Reinforced Concrete for the Detection of Rebar Corrosion," UG Research Report, Spring 2014.
  • Ben Smith, "Procedure for Muon Tomography of Reinforced Concrete for the Detection of Rebar Corrosion," UG Research Report, Fall 2013.
  • Michael Phipps, "DAQ Software Documentation," (for SRS, also applies to S4 DAQ), Spring 2013.
  • Christian Zelenka, "MTS Results & How-to Documentation," Spring 2013.
  • Will Bittner, "POCLUST," UG Research Report, Spring 2012.
  • Nathan Mertins, "vx4D and Geant4 Simulations for Large Station," UG Research Report, Spring 2012.
  • Michael Phipps, "Muon Tomography Station Event Display," UG Research Report, Spring 2012.
  • Michael Phipps, "Muon Tomography Station Event Display," UG Research Report, Fall 2011.
  • Ben Locke, "Software Development for MTS Alignment, GEM Spatial Resolution, and GEANT4 Simulation," UG Research Report, Fall 2011.
  • Nathan Mertins, "Coverage Analysis of Possible Future MTS Geometries," UG Research Report, Fall 2011.
  • William Bittner, "POCLUST," UG Research Report, Fall 2011.
  • Kondo Gnanvo, "Performance of AMORE and DATE in HEP Lab A, FIT," Fall 2011.
  • Kondo Gnanvo, "Tutorial For Running AMORE Online & Offline," Fall 2011.
  • Ben Locke, "High-Statistics Geant4 Simulations," UG Research Report, Spring 2010.
  • Ben Locke, "Muon Tomography Simulation," UG Research Report, Fall 2009.
  • Jen Helsby, "Simulation of a Truck Containing Threat Materials in GEANT4," UG Research Report, Fall 2008.
  • Jen Helsby, "Analysis of GEANT4 Muon Tomography Scenarios with Root," UG Research Report, Spring 2008.
  • Jen Helsby, "Root Analysis for Geant4," UG Research Report, Fall 2007.
  • David Pena, "Muon Tomography with Geant4," UG Research Report, Fall 2007.

  GEM Detectors


  • Akshath Wikramanayake, "Simulating the Effects of the Addition of a Large Area GEM at a Detector for a Future Electron Ion Collider," Spring 2019.
  • Matthew Bomberger, "How to Run & Use EicRoot and Machining Parts using PEEK," Fall 2018.
  • Ankit Mohapatra, "Gain studies in Gaseous Detectors (GEMs and MCPs)," Spring 2013.
  • Nathan Mertins, "GEANT4 simulation of soft X-ray absorption in material of Triple-GEM detector," Spring 2011.
  • Jeremy Janney, "Update on research with FEMLAB, GARFIELD, and the cluster," UG Research Report, Fall 2005.
  • Jeremy Janney, "FEMLAB integration with GARFIELD," UG Research Report, Fall 2004.
  • Jeremy Janney, "A Guide to GARFIELD," UG Research Report, Spring 2004.

DAQ & Software:

  • Mike Phipps, "AMORE Beam Test Documentation," UG Legacy Research Report, Spring 2014.
  • Mike Phipps, "AMORE for FNAL Beam Test - Documentation," UG Research Report, Fall 2013 (updated Jan 2014).
  • Shreeya Khanal, "Analysis of FNAL Beam Test Data (with Ttrees in root)," UG Research Report, Fall 2013.


  • Devon Madden, "In-flight Radiation Detector Spring 2020 Update Report," Spring 2020.
  • Mike Luntz, "ORTEC 142 PC Preamp Response Analysis," Spring 2020.
  • Mike Luntz, Devon Madden, "Investigation of In-flight Preamplifier Ripple," Spring 2020.
  • Brendan Steffens, "EIC GEM Detector Prototype- Spring 2020 Progress Report," Spring 2020.
  • Matthew Bomberger, Devon Madden, "Testing the Ortec 142PC Preamplifier using a Koolertron DDS Signal Generator," Fall 2019.
  • Stephen Butalla, "The GE2/1 Electronics Integration Test Stand at FIT," Fall 2019.
  • Matthew Bomberger, "Report on Large-Area Gas Electron Multiplier," Spring 2019.
  • Jacquelyne Miksanek, "Further Exploration of the Micro Resistive Well," Spring 2019.
  • Zachary Paul, "In-Flight Radiation Detector Testing," Spring 2019.
  • Sarah Arends, "Construction of the µRWELL Detector," Fall 2018.
  • Jacquelyne Miksanek, "Micro-R Well Undergraduate Research," Fall 2018.
  • Matt Bomberger, "Mock Assembly of Second EIC Prototype Chamber," Spring 2018.
  • Matt Bomberger, "EIC GEM Project - The-Not-So-Short Construction Manual," Fall 2017.
  • Matt Bomberger, "The Fabrication of Carbon Fiber Frames for a Prototype GEM," Spring 2017.
  • Nicholas Lowing, "Ohmcraft High-resistance resistor testing," Sep 2015.
  • Aiwu Zhang, "Characterizing the X ray gun  (Au target) with Nal (Tl) detector," GEM Detector Hardware Meeting, July 2015.
  • Aiwu Zhang, "Gain and uniformity measurement of the CMS GE1/1-III," GEM Detector Hardware Meeting, July 2015.
  • Aiwu Zhang, "Characterizing the X ray gun (Au target) with 10 x 10 cm GEM detector," GEM Detector Hardware Meeting, July 2015.
  • Nicholas Lowing with E. Hansen, C. Bracci, "X-ray Shielding Box and Electromagnet Field Mapping," Presentation given in CMS Working Group (July 29, 2014).
  • Nicholas Lowing with C. Bracci, "Electromagnet Magnetic Field Mapping and Stability Testing," UG Research Report, Summer 2014.
  • Eric Hansen with C. Bracci, N. Lowing, "(Commissioning of) Radiation Shielding (Box)," UG Research Report, Summer 2014.
  • Shreeya Khanal, "FNAL Beam Test Cross-Talk in CMS zigzag detector," UG Research Report, Spring 2014.
  • Nicholas Lowing, "Mini-HV divider for GEMs and Electromagnet (Refurbishing)," UG Research Report, Fall 2013.
  • Jessie Twigger, "FNAL Beam Test Documentation (for Chambers)," UG Research Report, Fall 2013.
  • Eric Hansen, "Development and testing of plexiglass box and lead shielding box for 1 m CMS GEM," Summer 2013.
  • Jessie Twigger, "S4 Documentation," (for the 30 x 30 cm self-stretched sans-spacer Triple-GEM detector), Spring 2013.
  • Kimberly Walton, "A brief guide to Altium Designer 10," (as used for design of zigzag strip readout boards for GEMs), Spring 2013.
  • Michael Abercrombie, Greg Lovell, Alfred Menendez, "Cubic Foot Muon Tomography Scintillator Plateauing and Coincidence Rates," UG Research Report, Fall 2010.
  • Michael Abercrombie, "Summary of GEM Development," UG Research Report, Spring 2010.
  • Alfred Menendez, "Assembly and Testing of a GEM Detector to be Used for Cosmic Ray Tomography Imaging," Spring 2010.
  • Michael Abercrombie, "Summary of GEM Development," UG Research Report, Fall 2009.
  • Alfred Menendez, "Gas Electron Multipliers," UG Research Report, Fall 2009.
  • Amilkar Quintero, "Assembly 30 x 30 cm GEM Detector," Procedure, Summer 2009.
  • Lenny Grasso, "Designs for a Muon Tomography Station Prototype," Research report for PHY 5095 (Adv. Laboratory), Summer 2009.
  • Nick Leioatts, "GEMs Semester Report and Background for new Research Students," UG Research Report, Spring 2009.
  • Travis Garlick, "Review of Gas Electron Multiplier Development during Spring 2009t," UG Research Report, Spring 2009.
  • Nick Leioatts, "GEMs Semester Report," UG Research Report, Fall 2008.
  • Alicia Moss, "GEM Development," UG Research Report, Spring 2008.
  • Nick Leioatts, "GEMs Semester Report," UG Research Report, Spring 2008.
  • Alicia Moss, "GEM Development," UG Research Report, Fall 2007.
  • M. Hohlmann, P.I., "Final report on Florida Space Research and Education Grant, Development of a Gas Electron Multiplier (GEM) as a Novel Instrument for X-ray Imaging Missions in Space," Aug 23, 2007.
  • Julian Spring, "GEM Development," UG Research Report, Spring 2006.
  • Georgia Karagiorgi, "Testing and Optimization of the 3-GEM Detector at Florida Institute of Technology," UG Research report, Fall 2004.
  • David Dickey, "Physics Undergraduate Research Experimentation with Gas Electron Multipliers (GEM)," UG Research Report, Fall 2004.
  • Georgia Karagiorgi, "Testing and comparison of GEM foils from different manufacturers & Transmittance measurements of UV light in Ar gas," Summer Appointment Report at Brookhaven National Lab, Summer 2004.
  • B. Azmoun, G. Karagiorgi, C. Woody, "A Comparative Study of GEM Foils from Different Manufacturers," BNL report, August 2004.
  • Julie Slanker, "Prototypes for Particle Detectors Employing Gas Electron Multiplication (Phase II: The Triple GEM)," UG Research report, Spring 2004.
  • Georgia Karagiorgi, "Prototypes for Particle Detectors Employing Gas Electron Multiplication: Testing and Optimization of the Single GEM Detectors," UG Research report, Spring 2004.

Grid Computing

  • Samantha Wohlstadter, "Grid Cluster Research Report," Fall 2020.
  • Vallary Bhopatkar, "Cluster Administration," Fall 2011.
  • Patrick Ford, "Grid Legacy," UG Research Report, Summer 2009.
  • Xenia Fave, "Using CRAB and Running Diagnostic Tests on the Cluster," UG Research Report, Fall 2009.
  • Patrick Ford, "OSG 1.2 and GUMS Installation at FLTECH," Summer 2009.
  • Patrick Ford, "Cluster Development for Spring 2008," and "OSG installation on the FLTECH cluster," UG research reports, Spring 2008.
  • Patrick Ford, "Cluster Installation," UG Research report, Fall 2007.
  • Jen Helsby, David Pena, "Cluster Computing," UG Research report, Fall 2006.
  • David Pena, "Implementation of a Computing Cluster at Florida Tech," Independent Study Report, Spring 2006.

 Quarknet Detectors And Data Analysis

  • Aaron Brandon, "Muonic Instruction Manual," UG Research Report, Spring 2015.
  • Julie Slanker, "Analysis of Quarknet Summer Outreach Data with University of Chicago Cosmic Ray e-Lab," UG Research Report, Fall 2005.
  • Julie Slanker, "Quarknet Workshop and Web Portal Use," UG Research Report, Spring 2005.


  • Xerxes Beharry, "VME Crate Tutorial," UG Research Report, Spring 2007.
  • Mark Cram, "Pulseheight analyzer with LabView," UG Research report, Fall 2004.

Cloud Chamber Projects In PHY4030

  • Kendall Hinnah and Chantale Neira, "Building a Cloud Chamber," Report on extra credit class work, Spring 2009.
  • Eddie Schwieterman and Anthony Harness, "Cloud Chamber Experiment," Report on extra credit class work, Spring 2009.