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Quark Net Center


Candidate event in our data for a cosmic ray air shower!

QuarkNet is an educational outreach program sponsored by the National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy. Its goal is to support science education in high schools by establishing a nation-wide physics teacher network. It provides opportunities for students to learn first-hand about frontline physics research taking place in universities, and establish mentor relationships with their science teachers and physics professors at universities. It also allows students to design and run their own experiments.

The QuarkNet Center at Florida Tech was established in 2002 by Profs. Laszlo Baksay and Marcus Hohlmann of the High Energy Physics Group. The center has run annual teacher workshops from 2002-10. Since the summer of 2005, a resident high school physics teacher and four high school students have participated each year in a six-week-long Research Experience in the P/SS Department organized by Profs. Hohlmann and/or Baksay. The NSF has supported the Fl. Tech QuarkNet Center with close to $100,000 by now. During the regular school year, teachers in the surrounding high schools use cosmic ray muon detectors to bring hands-on physics to their high school classroom.

Past Events:

2006 Quarknet Workshop, June 5 - July 14

2005 QuarkNet Workshop June 13-17, 2005

2005 QuarkNet Follow-Up Workshop
April 8, 2005

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  • QuarkNet. Research-based teacher professional development program.
  • Public Science Lectures by the Department of Physics and Space Sciences.
  • Science Café is an outreach initiative sponsored by Florida Institute of Technology and the Brevard Zoo.

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