Hohlmann Research Group

Hohlmann Research Group

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Post-doctoral Research Associates (current and former)

  • Dr. Stefano Colafranceschi (2015-2018), CMS GEM upgrade

  • Dr. Aiwu Zhang (2013-16), GEM R&D for EIC

  • Dr. Kondo Gnanvo (2007-11), GEM muon tomography

Graduate Students (all Physics)

  • Ph.D. students:
    • Stephen Butalla
    • Jerry Collins
    • Mehdi Rahmani

Undergraduates (P/SS and CS) 

  • Sarah Arends, GEM hardware
  • Matthew Bomberger, EIC GEM design and construction
  • Jacob Chesslo, EIC GEM construction & sim.
  • Miguel Gutierrez, Quarknet & MTS
  • John Hammond, 3-D printed GEM hardware
  • Francisco Izquierdo Jimenez, EIC GEM construction & sim.
  • Angelo Lucciola, GEM hardware
  • Devon Madden, GEM hardware and webmaster
  • Jacquelyne Miksanek, GEM hardware
  • Zachary Paul, GEM hardware
  • Eric Pereira, PC support
  • Noah Pitts, EIC GEM construction & sim.
  • Thomas Walker, Quarknet & MTS
  • Michael Werbiskis, GEM hardware
  • Akshath Wikramanayake, EIC simulation
  • Samantha Wohlstadter, EIC GEM hardware
  • Ryan Wojtyla, Cluster & Grid Computing

Our HEP Group (2018), from left to right: Noah, Sarah, Angelo, Miguel, Samantha,

Tommy, Jerry, Akshath, Zach, Stephen, Devon, Michael, Ryan, Matt, Jacqui, Mehdi,

and Dr. Hohlmann.

Our CMS GEM Assembly Team (2017)

Our HEP group (2009)


Group Members




Marcus Hohlmann

(321) 674-7275
Research Associates    
Stefano Colafranceschi Stefano.Colafranceschi@cern.ch  
Graduate Students    
Stephen Butalla sbutalla2012@my.fit.edu  
Jerry Collins jcollins2014@my.fit.edu


Medhi Rahmani mrahmani2015@my.fit.edu  


Sarah Arends  
Christopher Bracci  
Matthew Bomberger  
Riley Carlson  
Jacob Chesslo  
John Hammond jhammond2018@my.fit.edu  
Angelo Lucciola  
Devon Madden  
Jacquelyne Miksanek  
Zachary Paul  
Noah Pitts  
Michael  Werbiskis  
Samantha Wohlstadter  
Ryan Wojtyla rwojtyla2015@my.fit.edu  


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