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In search of the Higgs boson: H - ZZ

Hohlmann Research Group

Group Info


Post-doctoral Research Associates (current and former)

  • Dr. Tamer Elkafrawy (2019- ), CMS physics and GEM upgrade
  • Dr. Stefano Colafranceschi (2015-2018), CMS GEM upgrade

  • Dr. Aiwu Zhang (2013-16), GEM R&D for EIC

  • Dr. Kondo Gnanvo (2007-11), GEM muon tomography

Graduate Students (all Physics)

  • Ph.D. students:
    • Stephen Butalla
    • Merrick Lavinsky
    • Mehdi Rahmani
  • M.S. students:
    • Jerry Collins

Undergraduates (P/SS and CS) 

  • Andrew Capalbo, EIC prototype & Grid cluster
  • Corbin Gettel, EIC uRWELL prototyping
  • Jared Hadley, EIC prototype design & assembly; cleanroom monitoring
  • Ian Leon, GEM hardware for flight
  • Devon Madden, GEM hardware for flight and webmaster
  • Thomas Walker, Quarknet & Muon Tomography
  • Joey Weatherwax, uRWELL hardware
  • Zackery Wihela, GEM hardware and Grid cluster
  • Samantha Wohlstadter, Grid Computing


  • Michael Luntz (former engineer), GEM hardware for flight

Our HEP Group (2018), from left to right: Noah, Sarah, Angelo, Miguel, Samantha,

Tommy, Jerry, Akshath, Zach, Stephen, Devon, Michael, Ryan, Matt, Jacqui, Mehdi,

and Dr. Hohlmann.

Our CMS GEM Assembly Team (2017)

Our HEP group (2009)



Group Members




Marcus Hohlmann
(321) 674-7275  
Research Associates    
Tamer Elkafrawy

Stefano Colafranceschi  
Graduate Students    
Stephen Butalla 

Jerry Collins


Merrick Lavinsky

Medhi Rahmani  


Andrew Capalbo  
Corbin Gettel  
Jared Hadley  
Ian Leon

Devon Madden

Thomas Walker

Joey Weatherwax   
Zackery Wihela  
Samantha Wohlstadter  


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