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Pollen Database

Citation: Bush, M.B. and Weng, M.B. 2006. Introducing a new (freeware) tool for palynology. Journal of Biogeography 34: 377-380.

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The purpose of this database is to assist in the identification of Neotropical pollen. This database features more than 1000 species whose pollen has been collected from herbarium sheets (we are indebted to Missouri Botanical Gardens and New York Botanical Gardens for allowing us access to their herbaria). We have paid particular attention to taxa that have been listed in Amazonian and Andean fossil pollen records and to families where we believe there is good scope for a) improving taxonomic resolution and b) actually finding the grain in sedimentary records. For example, we have good coverage of Anacardiaceae, and Euphorbiaceae, but almost nothing in Orchidaceae, Poaceae and Juncaceae.

The database can be quizzed according to family or genus, or as a multiple access key. Use the pull down menus to select the taxa. Some taxa may be represented in the lists but not yet available as specimens and this represents the difference between our holdings of reference material and those yet entered into this database... this is an ongoing project.

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