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Neotropical Paleoecology Research Group



How to get involved

The Neotropical Paleoecology Research Group is a great place to learn a variety of research skills. We train students in microscopy, data gathering and analysis, and statistics. In particular students learn to identify fossil charcoal, diatoms, and pollen recovered from sediment cores from ancient lakes in tropical America. We have a strong track record of getting students published and in involving undergraduates in our Andean and Amazonian field expeditions.

Undergraduate involvement

You can either come to work with us as a volunteer or if you qualify as a Federal work-study position. Contact Dr. Mark Bush to set up an interview.

Graduate students

Fluent Spanish or Portuguese speakers are highly desirable. For overseas students, a IBT score ≥ 79 or Florida Tech TOEFL score of ≥ 550 is required.

For additional information send us an e-mail at