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Center for Organizational EffectivenessSetting the standard of excellence

Our Network

We know that one size does not fit all, that's why we build our team to suit your organization's specific needs. We draw on our network of professionals, academics, students and more to make sure that the right people are working with you. Our network of experts consists of a wide variety of professionals from a plethora of backgrounds. Ph.D's, Master’s, and other subject matter experts in the field of industrial/organizational psychology, as well as leaders and faculty from Florida Institute of Technology and Graduate Level Student Assistants. We all work together in a collaborative effort in our client’s best interests.


We bring in consultants from various backgrounds to build a well rounded team. Sometimes the insider knowledge that a consultant can bring about a particular industry or type of business can be extremely helpful to providing relevant and effective solutions to your business.



Community Leaders

Leaders in the community can come from just about anywhere. We bring in friends, peers, business owners, and more to build the right team that vcan provide the right solutions for your situation.

Powered by Florida Tech

Our connection to Florida Institute of Technology is no mistake, the perspectives that students bring to the table can at time be the most useful of all. Simply, students today are the business, government, and social leaders of the future. Effective and sustainable solutions must consider not only where we are today, but where we're going.

We don't just bring in any student to join the team. Only the best and brightest graduate level students are invited to join our professional teams.