Student Experience

The Center is a fantastic place to begin or advance your career in organizational consulting and human resource development. Members can hone their skills by interacting directly with organizations to address their various challenges and needs. This experience is supplemented by the Center's numerous other professional development and networking opportunities.

Internal Committees

  • Analytics Committee - oversees and provides statistical insight on projects with a significant analytical component. Committee members analyze data from organizational assesments using SPSS, R, and Tableau. They also assist each other and other Center members in learning about the most current and respected types of analyses.
  • Assessments Committee - expands the Center's capabilities by developing additional assessments and surveys for clients. Members will also learn how to administer and interpret findings from popular licensed organizational assessments.
  • Coaching Committee - creates opportuntities for members to coach and mentor others. Members of the committee learn the principles, theory, and practice of effective coaching. They can practice their coaching with other center members, community members, and volunteers.
  • Curriculum Development Committee - explores current topics of interest in the workplace and produces resources for external trainings and workshops.
  • Social Media Committee - helps to build and maintain our social media presence. Committee members brainstorm post topics, develop content, and promote the Center on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Committee members also help in the creation of video and podcast content.
  • Strategy & Education Committee - produces and administers internal development resources and trainings. Committee members also arrange for educational speakers to speak with center members at least twice a quarter.