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Organizational Assessments

At the Center, we offer organizational assessments designed to identify areas of improvement. An especially unique resource, these assessments aid in diagnosing problem areas that may otherwise be difficult to pinpoint with traditional methods. Upon identifying areas of developmental opportunity, our senior consultants are available to work with our clients to construct an individualized plan of improvement.

Below are two of our most popular organizational assessments which can be offered on an annual, quarterly or custom timeframe.  Additional, each client can add additional questions of interest for no additional charge.  We specialize in pulse survey development, employment and interpretation.  Any organization considering utilizing an organizational assessment should be prepared to handle the results and prepared to make changes.  Listening to the employees is an important step but acting on what you learned is the critical step.  If you don't plan on utilizing the information than we would reccomend you not using an organizational assessment tool.

In addition to our standard assessments, we welcome the client to request that we investigate any particular areas of interest unique to your organization’s needs. Importantly, it should be noted that those who seek out the opinion of their employees should be prepared to interpret the results with an open mind. If you are not prepared to consider the feedback of your workforce than we do not recommend this assessment tool.

Employee engagement: A recent Gallup survey indicated that companies with an engaged workforce enjoy 22% more profit. Despite this advantage, over 80% of the American workforce can be classified as disengaged. Our survey is designed to reveal the degree to which your employees are engaged with their supervisor, their coworkers, and even their organization as a whole, allowing us to recommend appropriate and specific interventions

Click here for more information on our Employee Engagement solution.

Feedback environment: In order to enact change, your organization must have an appropriate diagnosis. If you believe constructive performance feedback may be an issue for your employees, our feedback environment survey may be ideal starting point, as this tool can be used to identify the degree to which performance feedback is effectively exchanged.