Organizational Assessments

At the Center, we offer organizational assessments designed to identify areas of improvement within your organization. Our teams are prepared to facilitate assessment administration, analysis, and interpretation, as well as provide recommendations and assist in the creation of an individualized action plan. Any organization considering utlizing an organizational assessment should be prepared to handle the results and make changes. Listening to your employees is an important first step, but acting on what you learning is even more crucial.


Assessment Categories Include:

  • Attitudes - Assessments regarding the way employees think or feel about something (engagement, motivation, satisfaction, etc.)
  • Behaviors - Assessments regarding the way individuals and groups act within the organization (CWBs, OCBs, performance, etc.)
  • Health - Assessments regarding employees' physical, psychological, and emotional well-being (emotional, physical, safety, etc.)
  • Personality - Assessments regarding employees' distinctive individual characteristics or qualities (Big 5, MBTI, DISC, etc.)
  • Leadership - Assessments regarding the characteristics of leaders, and their relationships (styles, quality, etc.)
  • Teamwork - Assessments regarding team effectiveness, functioning, and structure (quality, performance, workload, etc.)
  • Career Issues - Assessments regarding work-nonwork conflict (role conflict, work-family conflict, vocational interests, etc.)
  • Job Environment - Assessments regarding characteristics of the work environment (characteristics, justice, stressors, etc.)
  • Climate/Culture - Assessments regarding shared perceptions, beliefs, values, norms, and assumptions (civility, diversity, psychological safety, etc.)