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Human Spaceflight Laboratory

IVA Spacesuit

The Intra-Vehicular Activity owned by FIT and operated by the HSF Lab is a spacesuit trainer. It was developed by Final Frontier Design as a custom size adjustable (M-XL) suit for academic, demonstration and research purposes. The spacesuit is manufactured using the latest techniques and materials. Three glove sizes are available for the best ergonomics of input devices operations. 

The spacesuit is designated to research and training purposes only. It cannot be used in real Human Spaceflight activities.

All spacesuit operators must pass the HSF Lab's medical exam or have valid FAA Class III medical certification. Intra-Vehicular Activity spacesuit trainer can operate at up to 2psi.

Students, faculty and staff can be trained to operate the suit using either air compressor or high pressure air tanks.

Spacesuit Use:

  1. As a reference tool for internal or external new hardware concepts and their development such as biomedical monitors, communication systems, display systems. 
  2. As a dexterity tool for design of cabin or cockpit systems cognitive and physical ergonomics
  3. As an operator's system for development of a new IVA/EVA system
  4. HSF teaching instrument


IVA suit is size adjustable in range of 160cm - 195cm (5.3' - 6.4').

Gloves - M, L, XXL gloves are available.

Shoes - Maximum size 46