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Human Spaceflight Laboratory

About Human Spaceflight (HSF) Laboratory

The Lab was formed in 2017 around dedicated architecture and human-system integration research focusing on new experimental research methodologies in extreme environments of space by Dr. Ondrej Doule. It grew from an innovative and interdisciplinary Human-Centered Design Institute (established in 2012 by former dean Dr. Guy A. Boy). The Lab was first fully operational in early  spring 2018 (dean Dr. Marco Carvalho) after successful execution of the first Humans In The Loop Simulations (HITLS) using IVA spacesuit and the custom motion base simulator enabling head-down tilt microgravity simulations. The safety of the system and the safety of operations was ensured by collaboration with Dr. Buza (Hyperbaric medicine center), and Florida Tech Institutional Review Board led by Dr. Steelman. 

The first analog space Testflight Officer: Max Skuhersky, B.S.

The first Safety Officer: Keith Crisman, M.S.


organizational chart in COES


The HSF Lab is now available to all students, faculty and staff. 

Current HSF Lab crew:

Ondrej Doule, Ph.D.
Dr. Ondrej Doule is an Assistant Professor at Florida Institute of Technology supporting Human-Centered Design, System Engineering and Engineering Management Academic Programs. He is the founder and a Head of the Human Spaceflight Laboratory at Florida Tech

Keith Crisman, M.S.
Ph.D. student in Human-Centered Design program with focus on rescue and safety systems in human spaceflight is supporting the HSF Laboratory as a Safety Officer and Research Assistant. Keith performed thorough risk analysis and developed ASCS and Spacesuit operational procedures supporting successful IRB application for humans in the loop simulations (HITLS) using Florida Tech's Intra-Vehicular Activity spacesuit.

Max Skuhersky, B.S.
Aerospace engineer and graduate student with a broad spectrum of skills developed mechanical deployable components of the ASCS. As one of the first research subjects trained to operate spacesuit supported development of the safety procedures. Max also developed a complete logistic chain mission plan for human spaceflight to Mars using Lunar or Earth resources.

Past team members:

  • Joseph Torkaman - screen systems evaluation
  • Kareem Elbaz - motion systems evaluation 
  • Yash Mehta - FAA COE CST research, FIT-ERAU Ergotrack research