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Human Spaceflight Laboratory


The Human Spaceflight Laboratory facility has been designed an developed to support aerospace industry and government research as well as educational and outreach activities related to FAA Center of Excellence for Commercial Space Transportation and NASA needs. The primary scope of the HSF Lab facility is to support suborbital and orbital human spaceflight academic activities. The laboratory's focus is on human-system integration, human-centered design, human factors engineering; i.e., on normative as well as applied side of the HSF area.


The facility consists of the following hardware

(2018 update)

  • Motion base, Adaptive Spaceship Cockpit Simulator (ASCS) - A general cockpit simulator with 360 degrees motion capability adaptable to various vehicle configurations equipped with three different emergency stop and control overrides
  • Adjustable IVA spacesuit - An intra-vehicular custom built spacesuit for broad range of users' anthropometry.
  • Operations protocol, procedures and checklists including medical exam for in-situ or external Humans-In-The-Loop Simulations (HITLS) allowing faculty, staff and students to participate in the research and spacesuit operations training.
  • Head-Down Tilt (HDT) training and qualification table
  • HDT display station
  • High pressure air tanks including safety rack mount
  • Computer server with motion base servos emplifier
  • Spacesuit components, maintenance HW and storage systems
  • ASCS transport system components (detacheable) 
  • Single Person Spacecraft and cockpit 1:1 scale mockup
  • Lunar orbital station inflatable habitat core 1:1 scale mockup



Spacesuit in  ASCS