Astronaut in Spacesuit in Spaceflight

Human Space Flight Laboratory (HSF)

Human Spaceflight Laboratory

Established in 2017, the Human Spaceflight Laboratory mission is to enhance and accelerate commercial human spaceflight research with a strong focus on occupant safety through design thinking. 

The laboratory is available to all Florida Tech students and faculty for educational, research or design and engineering projects. The laboratory experimental capabilities are in the simulation of Intra-Vehicular Activity (IVA) spacesuit operations, spaceship / spacecraft cabin and cockpit simulations in microgravity analog environment using a custom built motion base Adaptive Spaceship Cockpit Simulator (ASCS).

This motion base can be adjusted to any space vessel taking-off from Earth (VTOL, HTOL etc.). Numerous attachment points and retractable screen mounts and dash board enable complete re-configuration of the human reach envelope while seated. Simulations can last up to 20 minutes using IVA spacesuit based on FIT IRB approved procedures.

Florida Tech is a member of Center Of Excellence (COE) for Commercial Space Transportation (CST) and HSF Lab supports research Area 3 - Human Spaceflight. Selected COE CST research results are published in the New Space Journal (editor-in-chief Dr. Ken Davidian). The June 2019 issue features the HSF lab ASCS on the coverpage!

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