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Human Spaceflight Laboratory

Cockpit Simulator

Adaptive Spaceship Cockpit Simulator (ASCS) is a custom-built motion platform for analysis and design of complex human-system integration projects. Its primary purpose is to enable seamless transition to head-down tilt (HDT) positions according to the research project needs considering intraocular or intracranial pressure and vestibular perception changes that cause changes in the human cognition.

Cognitive and physical ergonomics are the primary investigation domains for which this complex simulation systems was designed but many more areas such as biomedical engineering, cabin architecture, cockpit systems engineering, systems control etc. may benefit of the ASCS platform.

ASCS can be operated by the research subject in the motion base or by the safety officer / PI dependently using one PC. It can support approximately 20 - 30 minutes of nonstop pressurized operations using FIT's IVA spacesuit in motion or in static positions in the 360 degrees range. The entire system is easily portable fitting nominal office environment. The system can be adapted to longer duration pressurized simulations.


The photo above depicts the ASCS status as of 2018. The system is being continually updated.