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Florida Tech Campus

High Resolution Microscopy& Advanced Imaging

Equipment and Procedures


JEOL JSM-6380LVScanning Electron Microscope

SEM Manual 2020 sem_photo
EDAX Octane Elect with APEX software

EDAX Instructions

EDAX image 

Zeiss EM900 Transmission Electron Microscope

EM900 Operating Instructions

Denton DCP-1 Critical Point Dryer Operating Instructions Denton DCP-1 Critical Point Dryer
Zeiss Microscope   ziess

Leica Ultracut UC6 Ultramicrotome


Operating Instructions

Leica EM UC6 Microtome
LKB 7800 Knifemaker   LKB 7800 Knifemaker
Nikon  Laser-Scanning Confocal Nikon Confocal Instructions

Nikon scopes