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Florida Tech Campus

High Resolution Microscopy& Advanced Imaging


  • Light microscopy to 1000x for transparent, thin materials
  • Fluorescence microscopy to 1000x for transparent, thin, fluorescent or fluorescently-labeled materials
  • Nikon C1Si multi-spectral laser scanning confocal microscopy, provides the ability to precisely localize tagged molecules and inherent fluorescence in thick materials by eliminating out-of-focus information. 
  • Transmission electron microscopy to 250,000x for ultra-thin sections of materials.
  • Scanning electron microscopy to 50,000x for coated and native materials secondary electron detector backscattered electron detector X-ray microanalysis.
  • Scanning probe atomic force microscopy nm resolution, similar to TEM z-information wide range of sample types, measurement modes
  • Full range of support equipment for sample preparation