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Airliner flying above.
The ATLAS Lab Facilities

The ATLAS Lab is located at FIT’s Center for Aeronautics and Innovation (CAI) at the Melbourne Airport, just two miles from the FIT campus.  The CAI also houses FIT Aviation's Simulator Center, the College of Aeronautics Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Lab, and is next door to FIT’s Emil Buehler Center for Aviation Training and Research, which is home to the FIT Aviation flight line and maintenance hangar. 

The ATLAS Lab facilities include a large 1300 square foot lab space with both individual and collaborative workspaces for faculty researchers and students.  The ATLAS lab also has access to two data collection rooms that in a reconfigurable flight simulator with high cognitive fidelity and multiple UAS simulators, including a multi-UAV human-agent teaming simulator developed in collaboration with AFRL's Gaming Research Integration for Learning Laboratory (GRILL).  The ATLAS lab works closely with FIT’s UAS program and has access to a range of different small to medium UAS, a UAS high bay, UAS training courses, and two separate outdoor areas approved for UAS flight.


cockpit simulator