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Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Dr. Meredith Carroll

Dr. Meredith Carroll is a Professor of Aviation Human Factors at Florida Institute of Technology’s College of Aeronautics and Founder/Director of the ATLAS Lab. She has over 20 years of experience studying human/team performance and training in complex systems. Her research focuses on decision making in complex systems, cognition and learning, human-machine/human-autonomy teaming, performance assessment and adaptive training.  She has been funded by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), the Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR), the Office of Naval Research (ONR), and the Army Research Laboratory (ARL) to study different facets of these areas. She also worked at the Kennedy Space Center conducting user-centered design of International Space Station payloads, processing facilities and ground support equipment.  She received her Bachelors degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Virginia, her Master’s degree in Aviation Science from Florida Institute of Technology and her Ph.D. in Applied Experimental Psychology and Human Factors from the University of Central Florida.

Dr. Carroll's Faculty Profile

Chris Fernando
Faculty Researcher/U/AAM Industry Liaison

Chris Fernando is an adjunct faculty in Florida Tech’s College of Aeronautics where he teaches two graduate courses on the UAM Ecosystem and Infrastructure Planning for AAM.  Chris is an experienced leader, mobility researcher, and aviation consultant with more than 20 years of experience in the transportation industry. His primary background is in aviation operations and airports with a focus on emerging aviation technologies, policy development, and airport and environmental planning. He is a recognized subject matter expert in these fields and his expertise in Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), urban air mobility (UAM), and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) has resulted in multiple engagements with Federal clients and multiple airports in the U.S. to support integration efforts. He has an extensive network and strategic partnerships with the industry and has leveraged these relationships to plan and host successful workshops, stakeholder engagement roundtables, and conferences related to the future of aviation. He also currently serves as a Principal at Hovecon in Raleigh, NC, and a Senior AAM Specialist at P17 Solutions in Washington, DC, He is the co-host of the No U-Turn Podcast, which is a podcast focused on the future of transportation, emerging technologies, and the workforce of the future. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Management from Florida Tech.

Dr. Warren Pittorie
Faculty Researcher

Dr. Warren Pittorie is a three-time College of Aeronautics graduate, who received a B.S. in 2015 and a M.S. in 2018 and a Ph.D. Aviation Sciences from Florida Tech. Warren started teaching undergraduate aviation courses at the COA in 2019, and currently works as a part-time flight instructor and a full-time faculty at the College of Aeronautics. Some of the courses he has taught include pilot technology classes that serve as Part 141 ground school for private and commercial pilot FAA certification and a graduate-level human factors course.

Dr. Vivek Sharma
Faculty Researcher

Dr. Vivek Sharma is an Assistant Professor at the Florida Institute of Technology. He graduated with a Ph.D. in Aviation Sciences with a concentration in Human Factors and Safety. He has been with ATLAS Lab since 2020 and has over five years of experience conducting human factors, safety, and user experience (UX) research. He also served as a lead data analyst on projects for the ATLAS Lab and the Federal Aviation Administration’s PEGASAS Center of Excellence. His research interests include aviation human factors and safety, urban air mobility, pilot personality, UX research and design, and data analytics in aviation.

Hilary Smith
Pilot Subject Matter Expert

Hilary Smith is a helicopter pilot, instructor pilot, and flight examiner with more than 20 years of operational and combat experience in the United States Coast Guard and Marine Corps. She is highly skilled in aviation management, crew resource management, aviation safety, risk management, standardization, and training. She has a bachelor’s degree in Ocean Engineering from the U.S. Naval Academy and is completing a graduate degree in Organizational Leadership at the Florida Institute of Technology. She holds an FAA Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate with a Rotorcraft - Helicopter rating, a Commercial Airplane Single Engine Land certificate with an Instrument rating, FAA Remote Pilot certificate with a Small UAS rating, and is an FAA Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) for Rotorcraft-Helicopter and Instrument Helicopters. Her research interests include aviation safety, pilot training, human factors, Advanced Air Mobility, and unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

Gervaughn Berkel
Pilot Subject Matter Expert

Gervaughn Berkel is currently a certified flight instructor at FIT Aviation. He graduated from the Applied Aviation Safety master's program at the College of Aeronautics, Florida Institute of Technology. He received a bachelor's degree in Aviation Management at Florida Tech, along with commercial certificates, and intends to pursue a career in corporate aviation. His research interests include general aviation (GA) operations, Unmanned Aerial System (US) operations, pilot performance analysis & training, and aviation safety.

Maureen Namukasa
Graduate Resesarch Assistant

Maureen Namukasa is a Ph.D. student in Aviation Sciences specializing in Human Factors  at the College of Aeronautics, Florida Institute of Technology. She received her bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Makerere University in Uganda and M.S. in Aviation Human Factors at Florida Tech.  She co-leads the team at ATLAS Lab and continues to apply human factors principles into applied aviation research and beyond: her research interests include human performance analysis, urban air mobility, human-centered design, UX and usability, interface and interaction design, training,  and cybersecurity.

Kendall Carmody
Graduate Research Assistant

Kendall Carmody graduated with a MS in Aviation Human Factors from the College of Aeronautics, and is an ATLAS lab lead. She has a B.S in Aeronautical Science, and a Minor in Aviation Environmental Science. Kendall has worked as an Airport Operations Specialist intern at RockHill-York County airport, and currently co-leads two projects at the ATLAS LAB on the topics of Human Agent Teaming (HAT) and Urban Air Mobility (UAM). She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Aviation Sciences, with a focus on human factors, virtual environments, and virtual/augmented reality.

Bhoomin Chauhan
Graduate Research Assistant

Bhoomin B Chauhan is currently a Ph.D. student in Aviation Sciences at College of Aeronautics, Florida Tech with a focus on Human Factors. He has previously interned with EY-Parthenon and Skymantics, LLC, as an aviation research analyst and is currently working with Hovecon as an Advanced Air Mobility Specialist studying emerging technologies in aviation. His primary background is in researching and evaluating the influence of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) on the current air transportation ecosystem and understanding human factors in the air and ground integration of AAM. He currently works at the ATLAS Lab, Florida Tech, studying human factor implications of emerging AAM operations.

Alita Regi
Graduate Research Assistant

Alita Regi is a Ph.D. student at Florida Tech, specializing in human-centered design with a focus on human spaceflight. She holds an MS in space sciences and a BS in aerospace engineering with a minor in physics. Alita previously interned with the NASA Proposal Writing and Evaluation Experience (NPWEE) Academy. As a dedicated researcher, she delves into astronaut health and performance within the Deep Space Initiative's (DSI) Andromeda program. Recognized for her expertise and commitment, Alita was honored with the title of Mars Society Ambassador in 2022 and Space4Girls Ambassador in 2023.

Yarisse Adorno Oyola
Graduate Research Assistant

Yarisse Adorno Oyola is an graduate student in Aviation Human Factors at Florida Tech's College of Aeronautics. She received her bachelor's degree in Aviation Human Factors and Safety, along with her commercial pilot license. Her research interests include general aviation (GA), human factors, advanced air mobility, and aviation safety.

Weronika Dymanus
Graduate Research Assistant

Weronika Dymanus is a graduate student in Florida Tech’s College of Aeronautics, specializing in Aviation Human Factors. She earned her B.S. in Psychology at Saint Louis University. Weronika is an active member of the International Society of Air Safety Investigators and Women in Aviation. Her research interests originated from her human factors experience during her undergraduate studies and have since expanded to include pilot performance, automation trust, and human cognition.

Kayla Hylan
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Kayla Hylan is an undergraduate in Aviation Human Factors and Safety with a minor in Aviation Environmental Science at Florida Tech’s College of Aeronautics. She is also the vice president  of Florida Tech's Collegiate Aviation Business Executives. Her research interests include aviation safety, human-agent teaming, and pilot performance.

Carl Thomas Jr.
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Carl Thomas Jr. is an undergraduate in Aviation Human Factors and Safety with a minor in Unmanned Aerial Systems at Florida Tech’s College of Aeronautics. His research interests include Unmanned Aerial System (US) operations, advanced air mobility, and aviation safety.

Carlie Swords
Undergraduate Research Assistant

Carlie Swords is an undergraduate student in Aeronautical Science with Flight with a minor in Aviation Safety at Florida Tech's College of Aeronautics. She is also the vice regent of the Theta Tau chapter at Florida Tech. Her research interests include aviation safety, human factors, and pilot training and performance


Emeritus Members

Daniel Nguyen - Ph.D. I/O Psychology, 2023
Cherrise Ficke - M.S. Human Factors in Aeronautics, 2023                  
 Buse Dayioglu - M.S. Applied Aviation Safety, 2021 
Michaela Satter - M.S. Human Factors in Aeronautics, 2023 
 Tyler Prather - M.S.  Aviation Human Factors, 2021
Maria Chaparro Osman - Ph.D. Aviation Sciences, 2022  
 Morgan Nash B.S Human Factors & Safety, 2021                          
Isabella Piasecki - B.S. Human Factors & Safety, 2022
Tricia Prior - B.A. Forensic Psychology, 2021 
Peter Dailey M.S. Aviation Human Factors, 2022
 Summer RebenskyPh.D.  Aviation Sciences, 2020
Whitney-Marie Igwe - M.S. Aviation Human Factors, 2021
 Leonia HuntM.S. Aviation Human Factors, 2020
Andrew Nakushian - M.S. Aviation Human Factors, 2021
Paige Sanchez - M.S. Aviation Human Factors, 2019
Guy YelencsicsM.S. Aviation Human Factors, 2021 
Tomas Scott - B.S. Human Factors & Safety, 2019

Companies where emeritus members are employed 

 Aptima  Boeing  Cummings  Logo 
 L3 Harris  Northrop Grumman World Atlantic Airlines


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