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Dr. Najafi teaches courses in the areas of energy, heat transfer and thermal sciences:

MEE 5210 - Conduction Heat Transfer

Covers conservation of energy in a deformable continuous medium; solution of time-dependent homogeneous heat conduction problems using separation of variables, Duhamel’s method, Green’s function, analytical approximate methods and finite-difference methods; phase-change problems; inverse problem; bio-heat transfer modeling and solution methods.

MEE 5220 - Convection Heat Transfer

Reviews the principle of energy conservation, heat conducting fluid; boundary-layer approximations for large Reynold's number; exact and approximate treatment of laminar internal and external forced convection; turbulent forced convection; and buoyancy-induced convection.

MEE 4177/5177 - Energy Conversion

Covers the basics of energy resources, environment and economy. Discusses energy conversion technologies including vapor power systems, gas power systems, nuclear power, solar power, wind power, hydro power, geothermal power and basic concepts associated with energy storage and carbon capture and sequestration.

MEE 5240 - Solar Energy Analysis

Studies solar radiation principles, data estimation and prediction. Reviews heat transfer principles, and radiation and optical properties of surfaces. Includes flat plate solar collector analysis and analysis of concentrating collectors, solar energy storage, and solar heating/air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

MEE 4071 - Thermal Systems Design

Covers radiative heat transfer applications in thermal systems. Includes elementary methods of optimization for design; and application of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer. Also includes equipment fundamentals, emphasizing heat exchanger design and analysis; and design projects involving use of software and laboratory experiments.

MEE 4171 - Principles of Heat Transfer

Covers steady state and transient heat conduction for one- and multidimensional systems; free and forced convection in both internal and external flows for both laminar and turbulent conditions; and boiling and condensation. Introduces radiation properties, blackbody radiation and surface emission.

MEE 4175 - HVAC

Covers air-vapor mixture properties and psychometrics, solar radiation in heating and air conditioning applications, heating/cooling load calculations, annual energy consumption, heat generation and cooling processes.

MEE 3192 - Engineering Thermodynamics 2

Includes practical problems involving power and refrigeration cycles and chemical thermodynamics, the combustion process and compressible flows as examined in applications involving nozzles and blade passages.

MEE 4074 - Heat Transfer Laboratory

Reinforces the activities associated with MEE 4071 and MEE 4171. Investigates the physics of heat transfer (conduction, convection, radiation) through the use of modern experimental techniques.

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