Center for Applied Biogeography

Center for Applied Biogeography


Our current database consists of over 2,000 species of Neotropical pollen. The majority of samples have been collected from herbarium sheets to ensure the accuracy of sample identification. At this time, samples have been collected and processed from Missouri Botanical Garden Herbarium, Fairchild Tropical Garden Herbarium, University of Arizona Herbarium, New York Botanical Garden Herbarium, The Field Museum Herbarium, University of South Florida Herbarium, Harvard University Herbarium, Duke University Herbarium.

The database can be searched multiple ways. If searching for an unknown pollen type, the physical attributes of the pollen can be entered into a multiple access key. It is not necessary to fill in all morphological characteristics, although the more information entered, the refined the search results will be. If unsure of the characteristics, enter multiple selections in the category and refine the results based on the visual characteristics that are returned in the search results.

The original database was funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation and represents many hours of software development by Dr. Chengyu Weng.

This database is shareware and you are welcome to use it or invite others to download it. We simply request that you cite it in any publications to which it contributed. We also request that you register with us at the website as you download the software. We look forward to getting all feedback, including errors or omissions. 


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