Wireless Center of Excellence

Wireless Center Of Excellence(WiCE)


Josh Bruckmeyer graduated in 2016

 Dissertation title:

 Currently: Chief Scientist, Harris Corporation, Palm Bay, FL

Dr. Josh Bruckmeyer

Email: jbruckme@harris.com

Hamad Almohamedh

Hamad Almohamedh graduated in 2015

Dissertation title: "Automatic Prediction of Subjective Video Quality over LTE"

Currently: Research Scientist, King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology

Dr. Hamad Almohamedh

Email: Hamad9@gmail.com


Fahad Alqurashi graduated in 2015

Dissertation title: "Subjective Video Streaming Quality Evaluation in 3G Cellular Network"

Dr. Fahad Alqurashi

Email: falqurashi2008@my.fit.edu

Ali Bendallah graduating in 2015

Dissertation title:"Macroscopic RF Path Loss Modeling for In-Building Radio Propagation in 1900MHz"

Dr. Ali Bendallah

Email: abendallah2009@my.fit.edu

Hisham Elgannas graduating in 2015

Dissertation title:"Measurement Based Statistical Model for Building Penetration Loss for GSM and UMTS Systems Operating in 850 MHz and 1900 MHz Bands"

Dr. Hisham Elgannas

Email: helgannas2010@my.fit.edu

Masoud Hamid graduated in 2014.

Dissertation title: "Measurement Based Statistical Model for Path Loss Prediction for Relaying Systems Operating in 1900 MHz Band"

Dr. Masoud Hamid

Email: mhamid2010@my.fit.edu

Mohammed Almeer graduated in 2014

Dissertation title: "Comparative Analysis of Network Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks"

Dr. Mohammed Almeer

Email: mmalmeer2008@my.fit.edu

Gil Perez graduated in 2014.

Dissertation title: "A methodology for validation of wireless sensor network modeling and simulation models"

Dr. Gil Perez

Email: gilperez4@gmail.com

Yaser Barayan graduated in 2014.

Dissertation title: "System Level Performance Evaluation of Radio Resource Allocation Strategies for LTE Networks"

Dr. Yaser Barayan

Email: ybarayan@my.fit.edu

Abdulaziz AlSayyari graduated in 2013.

Dissertation title: "Outdoor Radio Frequency Propagation for Wireless Sensor Networks"

Currently: Dean and Professor, College of Computing and Information Technology, Shaqra University, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Abdulaziz AlSayyari

Email: aalsayya@my.fit.edu

Hani Alyazidi graduated in 2013.

Dissertation title"Best-M Scheme Optimization in OFDMA Multiuser Systems"

Dr. Hani Alyazidi

Email: halyazid2006@my.fit.edu


Fahad Alomary graduated in 2013.

Dissertation title: "A Methodology for Quality of Service Evaluation in 4th Generation (4G) Long Term Evolution (LTE) of Cellular Data Networks"

Dr. Fahad Alomary

Email: falomary@my.fit.edu


Bartel van der Veek graduated in 2012

Dissertation title: "Vibration control of a flexible rocket using FBG sensor arrays"

Dr. Bartel van der Veek
Email: bvanderveek@my.fit.edu
Salem Salem A. Balamash graduated in 2011.
Dissertation title:  "Uplink measurements based positioning of mobiles in cellular networks"
Dr. Salem A. Balamash
Email: sbalamas@fit.edu

Ira Weissberger graduated in 2010.
Dissertation title: "A methodology for evaluating QoS for data services in a UMTS network"

Currently: Associate Professor (tenured), University of Virginia, Wise, VA

Dr. Ira M. Weissberger
Email: iweissbe@fit.edu
Fawzi Fawzi Alghamdi graduated in 2010.
Dissertation title: "New methodology for performance evaluation of data services in mobile WiMAX networks"
Dr. Fawzi Alghamdi
Email: falghamd@fit.edu