Josh Bruckmeyer graduated in 2016

 Dissertation title:

 Currently: Chief Scientist, Harris Corporation, Palm Bay, FL

Dr. Josh Bruckmeyer


Hamad Almohamedh

Hamad Almohamedh graduated in 2015

Dissertation title: "Automatic Prediction of Subjective Video Quality over LTE"

Currently: Research Scientist, King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology

Dr. Hamad Almohamedh



Fahad Alqurashi graduated in 2015

Dissertation title: "Subjective Video Streaming Quality Evaluation in 3G Cellular Network"

Dr. Fahad Alqurashi


Ali Bendallah graduating in 2015

Dissertation title:"Macroscopic RF Path Loss Modeling for In-Building Radio Propagation in 1900MHz"

Dr. Ali Bendallah


Hisham Elgannas graduating in 2015

Dissertation title:"Measurement Based Statistical Model for Building Penetration Loss for GSM and UMTS Systems Operating in 850 MHz and 1900 MHz Bands"

Dr. Hisham Elgannas


Masoud Hamid graduated in 2014.

Dissertation title: "Measurement Based Statistical Model for Path Loss Prediction for Relaying Systems Operating in 1900 MHz Band"

Dr. Masoud Hamid


Mohammed Almeer graduated in 2014

Dissertation title: "Comparative Analysis of Network Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks"

Dr. Mohammed Almeer


Gil Perez graduated in 2014.

Dissertation title: "A methodology for validation of wireless sensor network modeling and simulation models"

Dr. Gil Perez


Yaser Barayan graduated in 2014.

Dissertation title: "System Level Performance Evaluation of Radio Resource Allocation Strategies for LTE Networks"

Dr. Yaser Barayan


Abdulaziz AlSayyari graduated in 2013.

Dissertation title: "Outdoor Radio Frequency Propagation for Wireless Sensor Networks"

Currently: Dean and Professor, College of Computing and Information Technology, Shaqra University, Saudi Arabia

Dr. Abdulaziz AlSayyari


Hani Alyazidi graduated in 2013.

Dissertation title"Best-M Scheme Optimization in OFDMA Multiuser Systems"

Dr. Hani Alyazidi



Fahad Alomary graduated in 2013.

Dissertation title: "A Methodology for Quality of Service Evaluation in 4th Generation (4G) Long Term Evolution (LTE) of Cellular Data Networks"

Dr. Fahad Alomary



Bartel van der Veek graduated in 2012

Dissertation title: "Vibration control of a flexible rocket using FBG sensor arrays"

Dr. Bartel van der Veek
Salem Salem A. Balamash graduated in 2011.
Dissertation title:  "Uplink measurements based positioning of mobiles in cellular networks"
Dr. Salem A. Balamash

Ira Weissberger graduated in 2010.
Dissertation title: "A methodology for evaluating QoS for data services in a UMTS network"

Currently: Associate Professor (tenured), University of Virginia, Wise, VA

Dr. Ira M. Weissberger
Fawzi Fawzi Alghamdi graduated in 2010.
Dissertation title: "New methodology for performance evaluation of data services in mobile WiMAX networks"
Dr. Fawzi Alghamdi