Wireless Center of Excellence

Wireless Center of Excellence (WiCE)

Wireless Center of Excellence (WiCE)

About WiCE

OlinWireless Center of Excellence (WiCE) is devoted to creating a new generation of wireless engineering professionals through education and research. In partnership with industry, WiCE offers opportunities for faculty and both undergraduate and graduate students to engage in research and study of wireless concepts.

Research within WiCE focuses on areas related to wireless communication, wireless multimedia communications and wireless sensor systems. Students are involved in research projects evaluating propagation of radio waves, planning and optimization of voice and data services in cellular systems, various aspects associated with wireless sensor networks and topics addressing challenges in providing multimedia communication over wireless links. WiCE is well connected with several industry partners that help in selection of relevant research topics and provide the center with state-of-the-art design tools and CAD software. In recent years the center has been involved in a hurricane research program sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

Education Opportunities

The explosive growth of cellular phones and systems has promulgated the notion that "wireless" is synonymous with pocket phones and pagers. However, wireless in the context of the WiCE's educational curriculum, refers to any system or device that relies on electromagnetic-wave propagation to perform one or more of its functions.


WiCE's main research objective is to serve as a nationally and internationally recognized academic and research facility in which students are exposed to both basic theoretical and applied research and development.

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