Motorhome damaged by hurricaneThe WHIRL is a multidisciplinary laboratory where participants are interested in the following topics (the list is not exclusive):

  • Action of strong winds and resulting ocean waves on structures.
  • Evaluation of building codes and standards.
  • Retrofitting techniques for buildings and public infrastructure systems to resist wind loads.
  • Risk assessment of existing structures
  • Coastal erosion, sediment transport, and environmental damage due to storm surges and floods.
  • Development of remote sensing devices for monitoring wind damage, wind speed, and flood levels.
  • Development of GIS programs for environmental studies, mitigation, and loss estimation.
  • Wind and meteorology studies.
  • Wind tunnel modeling and testing, including development of new instrumentation.
  • Statistical studies and development of potential damage maps for hurricane hazard in Florida,
  • Simulation studies of wind effects on transport processes.
  • Economic impact of major storms