Development of a Network of Wireless Instrumentation for Wind Monitoring

House damaged by tornadoThis research has been funded by the Florida Sea Grant College Program, the Florida Department of Community Affairs, the National Science Foundation, and the National Research Council of Canada. It is concerned with the measurement & characterization of hurricane wind loads on structures using a wireless sensing networking system...

Florida Public Hurricane Loss Model (FPHLM)

The need to predict hurricane-induced losses for $3.6 trillion worth of existing insured structures exposed to potential hurricane devastation in the state of Florida has prompted the Florida Department of Insurance (FDOI) to charge a group of researchers with the task of developing a public hurricane loss projection model...

Wind Effects on Emergency Vehicles

This research defined the wind speed limits and conditions beyond which fire and rescue vehicles should not be operated during a hurricane.

Study of the Effect of Tornadoes on Residential and Commercial Masonry Structures

Study of Break-Away Signs