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Reza Research Group


Research Group Leader

Dr. RezaDr. M. Toufiq Reza is an Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering at Florida Tech. Prior to this position, he was an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Ohio University and a Research Scientist at the Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Engineering, Potsdam, Germany. He received his Ph.D. and M.S. in Chemical Engineering from University of Nevada, Reno in 2013 and 2011, respectively. His primary research interests are thermochemical and biochemical conversion of biomass including HTC, hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL), supercritical water gasification (ScWG), torrefaction, pyrolysis, anaerobic digestion, wet air oxidation, and pelletization. Dr. Reza likes to play and run with his dog (Jasmine) and he also likes to watch soccer, cricket, and football.

PhD Students

Nepu Saha

Kyle McGaugy

Md. Tahmid Islam

Al Ibtida Sultana

Thomas Quaid 


Undergraduate Researchers

Travis Rembrandt

Cladianne Chambers

Laura Guidugli


Graduate Students

  1. Akbar Saba, Synergistic Effects of Hydrothermally Treating Coal-Biomass Blend, M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Date of Graduation: Spring 2019.
  2. Pretom Saha, Carbon dioxide gasification of manure-derived hydrochars. M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Date of Graduation: Spring 2019.
  3. Md. Rifat Hasan, Influences of subcritical water in porosity and fracture aperture of unconventional shale, M.S. in Chemical Engineering, Date of Graduation: Summer 2019.
  4. Shanta Mazumder, Co-Hydrothermal carbonization of coal waste-food waste blend, M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Date of Graduation: Summer 2019.


Undergraduate Students

Gold Water Fellowship Awardee: Mahmoud Ramadan (2019), Edward Drabold (2019)

Paul Black Scholarship Awardee: Cole Neuhart (2019)

Florida Tech: Thomas Quaid, Clay Womack, Hannah Vest

Benjamin Vancouver, Jacob Steele, Adam Hughes, Joseph Holiday, Caleb Saunder, Nicholas Stephens Luke Colpo, Kyle McGaughy, Samuel Werneke, Joshua Shoopman, Erin Kelly, Tessa Berger, Samuel Leach, Michael Stock, Kerrigan Stuellar, Alex Flamm, Dominik Steinberg, Cade McClough