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Reza Research Group


Total Funding $2.15 M as PI and $1.05 M as co-PI from 2016

NSF                           USDA                                             ACS

Figure: National Science Foundation       Figure: US Department of Agriculture                                Figure: American Chemical Soceity

Ohio Development Services AgencySugar Bush FoundationUSAID-logo-web - ENERGIA

       Figure: Ohio Department Service Agency                       Figure: Sugar Bush Foundation            Figure: USAID

Active Projects 

  1. Engineered Solutions for Prevention and Control of Eutrophication using Novel Biosorbents, USDA-NIFA-ARFI, Toufiq Reza (PI) Aich-UB (co-PI), Sharma-OU (co-PI), $500 K
  2. Renewable Hydrogen Generation with Carbon Recycling (ReHyCaRe) from Biogenic Residues of Bangladesh, USAID, Kirtania- BUET (PI), Saha – BAU (co-PI), Islam- DU (co-PI), Reza (co-PI), $174 K
  3. INFEWS/T2: Organic Waste Lifecycles at the interface of Food, Energy, Water Systems (OWL-FEWs), 10/2019-present, NSF, Derek Kauneckis (PI), M. Toufiq Reza (co-PI), $2,000,000
  4. Thermodynamics and Kinetics of BTX Phase Transfer from Alkanes to Phosphonium-based Deep Eutectic Solvents: Experimental Studies and Computational Modeling, 08/2019-present, ACS-PRF-DNI, M. Toufiq Reza (PI), $110,000
  5. Development and Optimization of Mild Hydrothermal Preprocessing for High Ash Biomass into Pelletized Biorefinery Feedstocks, 03/2019- present; S. Department of Agriculture, M. Toufiq Reza (PI), $1,000,000
  6. Value-added products from rural wastes, 06/2020-05/2021, Sugar Bush Foundation, M. Toufiq Reza (PI), $50,000

Completed Projects

  1. Novel Hydrothermal Upgrading of Coal Refuse-Biomass Blend into High Quality Solid Fuel, 04/2018-08/2019, Ohio Coal Development Office, M. Toufiq Reza (PI), $156,105
  2. Novel CO2-SO2 Co-capture Process by Deep Eutectic Solvents, 07/2017-08/2018, Ohio Development Service Agency, M. Toufiq Reza (PI), $93,000
  3. Reclaiming abandoned lands with co-production of biofuels and high value bioproducts, Ohio University Innovation Strategy Award, Sarah Davis (PI), M. Toufiq Reza (Co-PI), $20,000
  4. OHIO Multistage FGD Wastewater Sensor: Application of Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) based sensor modules for real-time multi-points water quality monitoring of Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) wastewater, 01/2017- 01/2019, Ohio Coal Development Office, M. Toufiq Reza (PI), $160,000
  5. Gasification of biocarbons produced from hydrothermal carbonization of manure, 08/2016- 06/2018, Western Sun Grant Initiative prime US Department of Agriculture, M. Toufiq Reza (PI), $60,000
  6. Ohio Coke based Carbon Quantum Dots for Supercapacitor, 01/2017- 06/2019, Ohio Coal Development Office, John Staser (PI), M. Toufiq Reza (co-PI), $160,000
  7. Preventing a Bust: Innovations for Sustainable & Enhanced Economic Outcomes from Shale, 05/ 2016- 12/2018, Innovation Award, Ohio University, David Bayless (PI), M. Toufiq Reza (co-PI), $1,600,000
    1. Value-added products from rural wastes, 06/2019-05/2020, Sugar Bush Foundation, M. Toufiq Reza (PI), $35,000