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Nesnas Research Lab


33. Morgante, P.; Guruge, C.; Ouedraogo, Y. P.; Nesnas, N.; Peverati, R. 
Competition Between Cyclization and Unusual Norrish Type I and Type II Nitro-Acyl Migration Pathways in the Photouncaging of 1-Acyl-7-nitroindoline Revealed by Computations
Scientific Reports,  2021, 11, 1396.

Preprint: ChemRxiv 2020/9/23 

32. Zhang, X.; Feng, M.; Luo, C.; Nesnas, N.; Huang, C-H.; Sharma, V.K.
Effect of Metal Ions on Oxidation of Micropollutants by Ferrate(VI): Enhancing Role of FeIV Species
Environ. Sci. Technol. 2021, 55, 623-633.

EST role of Ferric

31. Zeigler, E.W..; Brown, A.B.; Nesnas, N.; Chouinard, C.; Mehta, A.K.; Palmer, A.G.
β-Cyclodextrin encapsulation of synthetic AHLs: drug delivery implications and quorum-quenching exploits


30. Schuman, D. P.; Liu, W.-B.; Nesnas, N.; Stoltz, B. M.
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Wiley VCH, 20197, 213-240.

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Org. Lett. 2019, 21, 7073-7077.

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