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L3Harris Institute for Assured Information

Research Labs

The L3Harris Institute for Assured Information is comprised of some research labs lead by institute faculty members focusing on cyber defense, offense, agent simulations, identity tracking, assurance frameworks, behavioural analysis, human centered design as well as space flight systems.

Florida Tech HSF Lab Logo

HCDI - The Human Centered Design Institute (HCDi) develops education and research in various domains such as aeronautics, space, energy production and management, health care, and education.

Florida Tech Identity Lab Logo

Identity Lab - The Identity Lab was established by the Harris Institute for Assured Information to advance holistic and unique trait representations of a human identity along with behavioral attributes in both cyber and physical domains.

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IOT Security and Privacy Lab - Expanding the transparency and control of IoT devices by examining the state of security and privacy within Internet-of-Things (IoT) ecosystems.

FITSEC - FITSEC is Florida Tech's competitive cybersecurity team.

Center of Academic Excellence

Florida Tech’s L3Harris Institute for Assured Information (L3HIAI) serves as the university’s focal point for research and education in cyber defense. In 2011, Florida Tech was designated as a NSA/DHS Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Research and L3HIAI provides labs and infrastructure for faculty and students engaged in CD-related research.


Founded in 2009 by a grant from L3Harris Corporation, the L3Harris Institute brings together computer science, psychology, business and biology to carry out cutting-edge research in computer security. Our goals are lofty: to change the way we think about the information that flows around us, and to help drive a fundamental shift in how we protect it.The L3Harris Institute for Assured Information represents the shared vision of many different people in the Information Assurance community. The Institute was formed by a gift from L3Harris Corporation, with a purpose to benefit the community both locally in Brevard County and internationally by raising the "state of the art" in Information Assurance.

About Us

Trust, Safety, Integrity. These are all words that describe how we would like to think our computer systems work. But they don't work that way. Malware and inadvertent vulnerabilities have placed our systems under continuous assault - and led people to distrust the digital technology designed to improve our lives.The ability to trust the information we're sharing; the ability to create collaborations seamlessly and know the participants; the ability to understand the implications of our actions. These are all necessary in today's digital world. The L3Harris Institute for Assured Information is an interdisciplinary center that focuses on high-risk disruptive work aimed at helping us trust the information that we so often rely on.

Our Mission

The mission of the Institute has three key components: Education, Research and Training. In education, we seek to enrich the lives of the students at Florida Tech by striving for excellence in teaching, and by providing them with opportunities to get involved in “hands on” research that has the potential for real-world impact. In research, our goal is to carry out high-risk, high-reward research that is both academically rigorous, innovative, and that has direct applicability in the marketplace. While incremental change is useful, our goal is to disrupt the status quo, and find new and creative ways to provide assurances about the information that we rely on. Finally, we seek to make a difference in our community by providing a focal point both locally and nationally for workforce development using our new facility and online media.Institute members collaborate frequently with academia, government and industry. Past and current awards include grants from the Department of Defense, ONR, Cisco, Microsoft, L3Harris Corporation and Air Force Research Labs. Contact us for further information or to arrange a visit.