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Identity and Behavioral Analytics:  Identity has many meanings and is primarily known as the state of having distinct characteristics or identifiers held by no other person or thing. Today’s technological advancements in mobile processing, storage, and connectivity have all contributed to the ever-increasing volume, fidelity, and introduction of new forms of data which may be used to track and create signatures that may be used to produce enhanced characterizations of and/or uniquely identify a person. Thus, the concept of identity has evolved to include both physical attributes and digital representations of information discoverable online.

The Identity Lab was established by the Harris Institute for Assured Information to advance holistic and unique trait representations of a human identity along with behavioral attributes in both cyber and physical domains.  This includes research areas in identity modeling, computational psychology, advanced machine learning, and biometrics.  The HIAI Identity Lab is directed by Dr. Michael King and is executing a multi-year research and development portfolio of government and commercial contracts valued at $7.9M. The Laboratory also has established research partnerships with the following institutions:

  • Auburn University, The McCrary Institute
  • North Carolina A&T State University, The Center for Advanced Studies in Identity Science
  • Rutgers University, Cognitive and Data Science Lab (CoDaS)
  • University of Florida, Biometrics and Pattern Recognition Lab (BPRL)
  • University of New Haven, National Security Research Lab
  • University of North Carolina Wilmington, Institute for Interdisciplinary Identity Sciences (I3S)
  • University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, 3D Computer Vision Group
  • University of Notre Dame
  • University of Pennsylvania, The Linguistic Data Consortium
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