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Identity Lab

Lab Activities

Dr. Kevin Bowyer Visits Florida Tech

Dr. Kevin Bowyer is one of the external professors who mantains a close relationships with the HIAI Identity Lab.  In addition to working on multiple collaborative research projects, Dr. Bowyer is often a guest lecturer for the entire Florida Tech Community. We had the pleasure to listen to his presentation "Is It Real or Photoshopped? Automatic Detection of Photoshopped Face Images". We continue to work on projects with Dr. Bowyer and the University of Notre Dame where he is a professor. 


Team Travels to FedID 2018 Conference

The Identity Lab team is constantly striving to be up to date with the latest technologies. Part of the team attended the annual Federal Identity Forum and Exposition held in Tampa, Florida. This event offers an immersive environment where identity professionals from the federal government and the private sector are dedicated to information sharing, strategic planning, and collaboration building. The lab will be attending different conferences and learning as much as possible from each experience. 

Ph.D.  Candidate Kay Michel presents her work in Scotland

Member of the identity Lab and Ph.D. Candidate Kay Michel presented her work in the Cyber Science 2018 Conference in Glasgow, Scotland. This conference is organized annually by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.  Kay presented her paper "Towards An Adaptable System-based Classification".  We are very proud of her success and we know she will continue to achieve great things.  You can find a link to her presentation here.