Research & Partnerships

The Institute for Culture, Collaboration, and Management partners with educational institutions worldwide to expand our intellectual capacity, develop our research associates and consultants, and gain a deeper understanding of culture, teams and collaboration, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. These thought exchanges have allowed ICCM to develop innovative products and services while growing larger knowledge networks in the global community.

Why Partner with ICCM?

The Institute for Culture, Collaboration, and Management is led and staffed by experts in culture, collaboration, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. We have been working with our funding agency customers and industry partners since 2010 to provide innovative, sustainable solutions. We apply our customer focus to every endeavor to help advance our customers' missions. 

ICCM can work with organizations in a variety of ways. In conducting basic and applied research, ICCM can work in either leading or supporting roles. ICCM can also work in a consulting capacity to solve organizational challenges using a customized approach.

ICCM Partners

Abu Dhabi University
ICCM researchers collaborated to research trust formation and trust repair in Middle Eastern cultures.
BI Norwegian Business School
BI Business School is an internationally recognized, non-profit private university in Norway that is one of Europe’s most productive academic environments. ICCM has formal research and exchange agreements with BI.
Brazil-Florida Chamber of Commerce
Partnering with the Chamber, ICCM provides training in cross cultural competence and U.S. culture to Brazilian high potentials.
Center for Advanced Study of Language
The Center for Advanced Study of Language is a DoD-affiliated research center based in the University of Maryland. Here, nationally recognized researchers conduct empirically based science to inform the strategic needs of the intelligence community. The Center’s research focuses on providing new insight that can inform comprehensive language preparedness, improve workforce readiness, and improve leadership decisions and operational performance.
East China Normal University
ICCM exchanges faculty with ECNU and works with them to create professional development programs for HR professionals in China.
Erasmus Mundus
Erasmus Mundus is a study program designed to enhance the quality of higher education and encourage dialogue and mutual understanding between people of various cultures through academic cooperation. An EU program, Erasmus provides support to universities and students and any organization active in higher education. To meet its objectives of enhancing educational quality and intercultural learning, Erasmus partners with many universities in Europe.
L3 Harris
L3 Harris is an international communications and information technology company that serves clients in more than 125 different countries. With such a diverse clientele and a diverse workforce of over 14,000 employees, they have partnered with ICCM to help develop training to enhance their global operations.
Institute for Simulation and Training
ICCM researchers partner with IST on funded research examining trust in multicultural settings and global virtual teams.
International Congress of Applied Psychology
ICCM staff conducted workshops on internationalizing the organizational psychology curriculum, and edited a book on the topic with contributors from 11 countries.
University of Gondar
The first organizational psychologist in Ethiopia trained at ICCM and now spearheads efforts to research east African leadership style.
University of Maryland
ICCM researchers collaborated with U of M on a multiyear funded research project examining conflict resolution in the Middle East.
University of Silesia
The University of Silesia prioritizes internationalization in their classrooms, research, and their goals. They perform research with partner institutions worldwide and cooperate internationally for educational projects.
University of Valencia
The University of Valencia is one of the best universities in Spain and one of the top ten in the world for learning Chinese language and culture. Their exchange programs and development aid programs help students study across the world in other institutions. They place a strong emphasis on intercultural learning and understanding.

Applied Solutions

ICCM partners with organizations around the world to improve workforces and business practices. We provide services and tools that help organizations save time and money, reduce risk, and make better decisions. All of our products and services are customized and designed to provide sustainable, impactful success to any organizational challenge.

Aperian Global
ICCM partners with Aperian to provide culture general training to support their GlobeSmart web tool.
Army Research Institute
ICCM served as a technical advisor for the development of a 21st-century cross-cultural competence assessment system used to select and classify Army recruits.
Center for Conflict Dynamics
ICCM evaluated the generalizability of the Conflict Dynamics Profile for Chinese culture.
ICCM provided cross-cultural competence training focused on Japanese organizational dynamics to a CONTEC acquired company in the U.S.
Development Dimensions International (DDI)
ICCM partnered with DDI on research examining the leadership development of 12,000 global executives and developed recommendations on best practices.
Educational Testing Service
ETS retained ICCM as a technical advisor on the development of an innovative cross-cultural competence assessment.
Finnish Institute of Occupational Health
ICCM hosted Fulbright scholars from FIOH and provided workshops on cross-cultural competence to Finnish executives.
Quality Learning International
ICCM partnered with QLI to develop workshops in cross-cultural competence and global leadership.
The Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI)
DEOMI contracted ICCM to evaluate measures of cross-cultural competence and develop region-specific cultural databases for military training
United States Air Force Academy
USAFA contracted ICCM to provide cross-cultural competence training and evaluate the Ambassadors of Inclusion program.
Johnson & Johnson
J&J partnered with the ICCM to improve culture integrations of newly acquired companies.
ICCM helped develop a framework for team self-maintenance for long-duration space exploration.
Greater Orlando Aviation Authority & The Orlando International Airport
ICCM advised and assisted the Orlando International Airport (MCO) in becoming the first internationally-recognized culturally competent airport by developing culturally competent and customer-centric MCO staff and by driving and disseminating applied research in areas of talent management, change management, training, and assessment.