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A diverse group of men and women at a conference room table discussing business

Welcome to ICCM

Why Should We Partner with ICCM?

The Institute for Culture, Collaboration, and Management is led and staffed by experts in culture, collaboration, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. We have been working with our funding agency customers and industry partners since 2010 to provide innovative, sustainable solutions. We apply our customer focus to every endeavor to help advance our customers’ missions.

ICCM’s mission is to advance the science and practice of culture, diversity, and collaboration in organizations worldwide by

  1. providing science-backed, customized, and intuitive consulting solutions for our clients,
  2. conducting and disseminating rigorous, multidisciplinary, impactful basic and applied research, and
  3. providing unparalleled professional development opportunities that prepare our students to be exceptional organizational scientist-practitioners.

What Products and Services does ICCM Offer?

ICCM creates and implements customized solutions to address our clients’ unique needs. To learn more about the work ICCM is doing currently, check out our portfolio pages below: