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Performance and success in unfamiliar cultures requires recalibration and adaptation in the way you do business. Utilizing our innovative Third Eye process, ICCM prepares its clients for seamless integration and a powerful introduction into your new market. We train. We prepare. We help you adapt, communicate and interrelate at the highest level. ICCM should be your first essential step toward your goal of international expansion.The ICCM consulting process uses a unique methodology with a comprehensive perspective on international expansion and multi-cultural leadership. Cross-cultural consultancies traditionally rely on previous experience or easily-obtained public information, which does not adequately prepare a company for the intense demands of international operations. We are different.

introducing Third Eye

ICCM’s Third Eye process combines rigorous research and real-world experience to provide the foundation for your solutions. Our proprietary process also prepares clients to be productive on a significantly higher and more enlightened level. Reducing the psychological effects brought on by disorienting situations leads to an incalculable increase in performance and success. This comprehensive approach provides your company a formula for achieving the highest level of performance, ultimately reducing risk, operation time, and cost.

culture matters

The disorienting experience of being immersed in an unfamiliar culture is a very real problem. ICCM helps you recalibrate your instincts, adjust the way you approach your efforts and achieve your business objectives. Because we understand your team can only perform to their potential if they understand their environment and are free from stress and anxiety, we deal with these important dynamics with an in-depth process setting an entirely new standard for cross-cultural consultancies.

scientific precision, real-world experience, and freedom from stress

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Out-of-the-box solutions to global HR challenges.

Our growing e-learning library provides real-world guidance on a variety of subjects at the tips of your fingers. Module-based topics allow you to learn at your own pace and schedule while providing rigorously researched best practices and skills. All modules emphasize improving effectiveness in cross-cultural environments. Highlighted topics include training on negotiating skills across cultures and communication skills for global virtual teams.

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Tailored specifically to match your needs

We provide customized research-based professional development activities focused on your unique business operations. ICCM specializes in practical science, which translates into measurable results. Our workshops feature multilingual, intercultural facilitators who have extensive international experience. Participant learning is maximized through highly experiential learning activities, small group discussion, and engaging cross-cultural interactions.


Tailored executive solutions

Cultural risk analysis & Executive coaching

Effective global strategy and operations start at the top of the organizational chart. ICCM provides targeted analysis of your company’s strategy and objectives to make sure the goals and implementation plan make sense in the cultural context you wish you operate. In addition, our coaches will partner with your executives to make sure they have the necessary skills to effectively translate your strategy into smooth operations.

executive solutions

Global assessments & Selection

Targeted measurement tools to meet global needs

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. We provide robust, research-based global assessments and selection strategies that will allow your company to make informed staffing decisions. Our targeted assessments provide you the tools to select and develop culturally competent employees and leaders. Let us work with your management team today to reduce your risk and ensure your selection decisions are calibrated to your global objectives.

global assessments