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Bio-Mechanics Laboratory

Research Focus

Experimental/computational mechanics of soft materials (Artery, Brain, Optic Never Head, Polymers, Composites, etc) with focus on the interface mechanics.

  • Multiscale / multiphysics modeling
  • Material / microstructure characterizations of soft tissue/cell
  • Structure-function relationships within non-disease and diseased tissues
  • Tissue/Cell remodeling
  • Image-based tissue quantification
  • Biomaterial failure initiation and growth 
  • Blast-structure interaction, traumatic brain injury
  • Design/optimization of medical devices and the treatment strategies
  • Micromechanics


Open Positions for Graduate/Undergraduate Research Assistants

Potential topics of study include, but not restricted to: Design/optimization of medical devices and treatment strategies; Ex vivo testing of medical devices/biomaterials; Imaging analysis; Failure initiation and growth; Cell-ECM interaction

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