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Politics ResearchCollege Student Knowledge and Attitudes


  • We plan to resume our survey (2nd-phase survey) in 2021.
  • No survey in 2020. We are doing data-mining and also working on another paper based on the data collected. We are also in the middle of another book which is more quantitative in nature. More data from this project will be used. 
  • November 2019, Why Communist China Isn’t Collapsing: The CCP’s Battle for Survival and State-Society Dynamics in the Post-Reform Era was published by Lexington Books. Some data we collected in this project were used in the book.
  • We ended our 1st-phase of data collecting one year early. Our target was 5 years, but we have to focus on the contracted book below.
  • Year 2019 survey has been paused since we are in the process of finalizing our book draft Why Communist China Isn’t Collapsing.
  • Year 2018 survey was approved by IRB of Florida Tech on March 30, 2018. This year's survey will start on April 1, 2018. 
  • We published an article "Political Attitudes of China’s and the U.S.’s Future Elites toward Governance and Their Implications for Southeast Asia," in International Journal of Culture and History, Vol. 3, No. 1. 2017, pp. 6-13. All data used were from this project.
  • Hurricane IRMA started to affect Melbourne region on Sep. 10, 2017., which led to the close of the univeristy. It disrupted all activities on campus, including our survey. Hope we will resume it soon.
  • 2017 US and China surveys started in the second week of April.
  • 2017 survey application was approved by IRB of Florida Tech on April 5, 2017.
  • Our survey is run the first time ever in India starting on May 1 2016.
  • 2016 US Survey started in the second week of April 2016.
  • Year 2015 survey ended in January 2016.
  • Year 2015 survey started in April 2015.