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Politics Research

Politics Research

Global Survey of College Students' Knowledge of International Affairs and Attitudes Toward Great Power Politics and Good Governance

This project aims to create a time-series dataset about the knowledge and attitudes of current college students from around the world towards a series of issues which are related to great power politics and good governance in the 21st century.

The project plans to cover 10 years that will be divided into two phases of five years each. The first year (2015) covered more than 30 universities in the US, China, Russia, etc., and gathered the initial data for a preliminary analysis. Data collecting has now been expanded to include more universities and countries.

This research has received the approval of the institutional review board (IRB) of Human Subjects and the support of the School of Arts and Communication at Florida Institute of Technology. If you have further questions about the rights of people who take part in this research, please feel free to contact the IRB Chair: Jignya Patel, Ph.D., IRB Chairperson, Florida Tech.

Contact info.: or;  Tel:  321.674.7391.

The leading investigator is Dr. Wanfa Zhang, associate professor of political science, School of Arts and Communication. He can be reached at: or 321-674-7383.


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