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Sponsors and Partners

Project Sponsor

The Florida Tech Zero Energy Building (ZEB) project  is sponsored by the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficient Technologies (REET) Grant Program from the Florida Department of agriculture and Consumers Affairs (FDACS)


 This project was possible thanks to the matching contributions of our partners. This included student sponsorship, technical expertise , equipment, and services.



BRPH is a national architecture and design firm headquartered in Melbourne, FL. With 53 years of experience in industries ranging from multi-million-dollar launch pads to over a million-square-foot manufacturing facilities. The BRPH design team devoted countless amount hours to review and provide expert advice during the tradeoff studies for ZEB project. In addition to the design hours, BRPH provided financial support to the Florida Tech’s student participating in the project.



M.H. Williams Construction Group is a construction company located in Melbourne, FL. M.H. Williams portfolio include general contractor, management, and design-build services for commercial projects such as retail, office, hospitality, education, and medical among others. M.H. Williams serves as the General Contractor (GC) for the ZEB project. M.H. Williams has contributed with several hours of pre-construction expert advice in budgeting and materials. As GC MH Williams contributed with supervision and inspection of the construction process. 


Located in Sanford, FL MC2specializes in facility automation applications such as access control, fire alarms, power metering, and power management among others. MC2representative projects include airports, education facilities, and health care institutions. MC2has been a long time partner of Florida Tech for building automation technologies. That partnership continued throughout the  ZEB project with multiple areas of collaboration.MC2provided its design expertise in illumination systems. Assisted in achieving economies in the procurement of illumination hardware and control. In addition, MC2donated equipment and software for building automation system (BAS). Provided training and support throughout the deployment phase.


Pilo Engineering is a local Electrical Engineering firm in Merrit Island. Pilo Engineering’s representative projects include electrical design for a variety of facilities such as health care, rocket launch, military, government building and manufacturing. Pilo Engineering collaborated on the ZEB with the building’s electrical design and revisions. Pilo Engineering professional assistance during the permitting process and revisions has been instrumental in the success of the ZEB project. 



Melbourne International Airport (MLB) serves the Space Coast’s multiple touristic and business destinations. With capacity to accommodate 2 million passenger per year, MLB is America’s faster growing aviation and aircraft manufacturing center.  MLB Airport contributed expert advice to the technical team in the pre-proposal phase of the project. During the project execution, in the design phase, MLB sponsored two Florida Tech’s interns that had a dual role in both MLB and ZEB at Florida Tech.



Morgan and Associates is a Civil Engineering firm located in Melbourne, FL. Morgan and Associates services include land surveying, permitting, infrastructure, and land development. Morgan and Associates contributed with the site plan for the ZEB project. Provided technical support throughout all the design revisions in the tradeoff study. Morgan and Associates led the permitting process of the ZEB project ensuring a smooth completion of the process.


MK Structural Engineering is full-service structural engineering for commercial and residential markets. MK contributions on the design and tradeoff studies involved the evaluation of building envelopes, foundations, and roof design to ensure that code and life safety standards were met.



Boys Electrical Contractors design, retrofit, install and maintain electrical systems for a variety of industries in the Orlando-Melbourne area.  Boys Electrical Contractors projects include commercial, hospitality, education, and government among others. Boys Electrical Contractors commitment to the ZEB project include providing support on the installation of the electric network of the building.




Panasonic is a well-known multinational company focused electronics applications in a variety of markets including automotive, avionics, energy, and healthcare among others. The Energy Solutions branch of Panasonic in Florida committed the donation of solar panels to support the ZEB project. This is a crucial element in the completion of the zero-energy balance of the proposed building design. Panasonic’s solar panel are well-suited for the ZEB project given their robustness to shading and orientation.