Multiscale Cardiovascular Fluids Laboratory


Our inherent curiosity has been instrumental in the progress of humanity; and I believe will continue to be our greatest asset in the pursuit of knowledge. It is the strength of this all-powerful tool – curiosity – that I would like to impart to the next generation of students and researchers. Teaching is a passion that motivates, strengthens and energizes me and bestows upon me a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction that is second to none. My teaching philosophy is teaching by encouraging the students to ask questions and to play ball with their curiosity. My background in mechanical and biomedical engineering have imbibed within me a strong sense of logical and analytical thinking; and I use these attributes to approach teaching in a logical manner. 

Current teaching undertaken at Florida Tech:

  • BME 3030: Biofluid Mechanics
  • BME 4241: Transport in Biological Systems
  • BME 4191: Design Methods and Practice

Previous teaching undertaken at the University of North Texas and University of Washington:

  • BMEN 4030: Biomedical Modeling
  • BMEN 3310: Human Systems Engineering
  • BMEN 5210: Biomedical Engineering Laboratory
  • BMEN 1400: Introduction to Biomedical Engineering Software
  • BMEN 4800: Cardiovascular Fluid Mechanics
  • BMEN 4222: Senior Design
  • ME 333: Fluid Mechanics (University of Washington)

Teaching Feedback:

“…Pulled the information from the student so that they could learn the material instead of just giving answers…”
“…It was very clear that he enjoyed teaching and was at ease in the classroom and with students…”
“…You put up great example problems, helped immensely with homework and knew what you were doing. You’re very easy to talk to and ask questions to…”
“…Dr. Keshav is an amazing professor, he asked questions and taught in a way that expanded our thinking…”
“…your strongest attribute was keeping students comfortable enough to ask questions and be approachable…”
“…The course was designed to make the student think at a higher level as compared to previous courses…”
“…If this professor could be cloned and teach every class I have to take from now until I graduate I would not be upset…”