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About Us

In our lab, we focus on understanding blood flow (hemodynamics) under healthy and pathological conditions to understand, detect, diagnose and treat cardiovascular disease. We work closely with clinicians, thereby ensuring that our research is always patient-focused. We use a combination of tools such as computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling of blood flow, virtual surgery and optimization, reduced order modeling of the cardiovascular system, predictive modeling, 3D printing and rapid prototyping. I envision a future where personalized medicine will deliver on its promise and I plan to contribute towards it by incorporating synergistic and interdisciplinary technologies that improve patient outcomes.


News and Publications

Here you can read about recent Publications or News involving our lab.

10-14-2022 The MCFL is featured with two students and our PI in promotional video for our program show

In 2020, Florida Tech announced the creation and construction of a Health Science Research Center with the focus on expanding the university’s existing Biomedical Engineering and Biomedical Science Programs. After several long years of waiting and COVID delays, the new building was just recently opened and has became home to the thriving research community of the department. In a marketing video for this new building and its technologies, the MCFL was highlighted for its use of demonstrating technologies with both VR and Deep Learning. See the attached video to learn more.
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10-06-2022 - The MCFL is acknowledged for its outstanding performance at the ASAIO conference

Adam Lowestien from the Florida Tech news highlighted the MCFLS performance and presentations at the recent ASAIO conference stating, "Biomedical engineering undergraduate students won a top prize for their Pediatric Heart Assist Device Monitor senior design project, and a master’s student was recognized for her oral abstract on using fluid dynamics to optimize blood flow for heart failure patients implanted with mechanical pumps at the 67th International Conference of the American Society of Artificial Internal Organs (ASAIO) held this summer in Chicago."
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10-05-2022 - The MCFL congratulates Ruthie White on the completion of her PhD Comprehensive Exam

Today after weeks of hard work Ruthie White officially passed her PhD comprehensive exam moving her to the status of a PhD candidate at Florida Tech. Ruthie was the first student in the MCFL who moved with our PI Dr. Keshav, and has been an integral member of the lab every since. We would all like to congratulate her and extend well wishes as she continues her route to her PhD.