2016 - 2018 Manuscripts

Shojaee, M., G. Swaminathan, C.A. Bashur, A. Ramamurthi, Temporal Changes in Peritoneal Cell Phenotype and Neo-Elastic Matrix Induction with Hyaluronan Oligomers and TGF-β1 After Implantation of Engineered Conduits, Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, 2018, ePub 2018 April 27.

Burtch, S.R., M. Sameti, T. Olmstead, C.A. Bashur, Rapid Generation of 3-D Microchannels for Vascularization Using a Subtractive Printing Technique, Journal of Biophotonics, 2018, 11(5): e201700226.

Shojaee, M., K.B. Wood, L.K. Moore, C.A Bashur, Peritoneal pre-conditioning reduces macrophage marker expression in collagen-containing engineered vascular grafts. Acta Biomaterialia, 2017, 64:80-93.

Washington, K.S., C.A. Bashur, Delivery of Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory Agents from Tissue Engineered Vascular Grafts. Frontiers in Pharmacology, 2017. 8:659. 

Shojaee, M., Bashur, C.A. Compositions Including Synthetic and Natural Blends for Integration and Structural Integrity: Engineered for Different Vascular Graft Applications. Advanced Healthcare Materials, 2017. 6: 1700001. Invited Progress Report.

Birthare, K., M. Shojaee, C.G. Jones, J.R. Brenner, C.A. Bashur, Collagen incorporation within electrospun conduits reduces lipid oxidation and impacts conduit mechanics. Biomedical Materials, 11(2): 025019.  

Michael, E., N. Abeyrathna, A.V. Patel, Y. Liao, C.A. Bashur, Incorporation of photo-carbon monoxide releasing materials into electrospun scaffolds for vascular tissue engineering. Biomedical Materials, 2016, 11(2): 025009.

Nguyen, T., C.A. Bashur, V. Kishore, Impact of elastin incorporation into electrochemically aligned collagen fibers on mechanical properties and smooth muscle cell phenotype. Biomedical Materials, 2016, 11(2): 025008.

Select Recent Conference Abstracts

Rottmann, S., K.S. Washington, R.R. Allado, N. Abeyrathna, Y. Liao, and C.A. Bashur, 2018. Diffusion-based model with fibrous scaffolds to predicting released gasotransmitter concentration available to cells. Regenerative Medicine Workshop at Charleston. Charleston, SC.

Washington, K.S., M. Sameti, N. Abeyrathna, C.F. Martino, Y. Liao, C.A Bashur, 2018. Carbon Monoxide Releasing Molecules-Loaded Electrospun Scaffolds Impact Endothelial Vascular Cell Function. Society for Biomaterials. Atlanta, GA.

Theus, A.S., K.R. Kerney, J.L. Spano, M.B. Fenn, C.A Bashur, 2018, Multi-factor Analysis of Initial Synthetic/Protein Content and Remodeling in Engineered Constructs with Raman Spectroscopy. Society for Biomaterials. Atlanta, GA.

Sameti, M., S.R. Burtch, R. Allado, T. Olmstead, C.A. Bashur, 2018, Microchannels Generation using a Rapid Subtractive 3D Printing System for Tissue Vascularization. Society for Biomaterials. Atlanta, GA.

Vuppuluri, K., M. Shojaee, A. Carriero, C.A Bashur, 2017, Designing A Novel Pouch To Minimize Peritoneal Adhesions With In Vivo Bioreactor- Based Vascular Graft Strategies, TERMIS-Americas. Charlotte NC.

Conference Proceedings

Fenn, M.B., N. Roki, C.A. Bashur, Silica-coated gold nanostarts for surface-enhanced resonance Raman spectroscopy mapping of integrins in breast cancer cells. Plasmonics in Biology and Medicine / SPIE (International Society for Optics and Photonics), March 2015.