Bashur Lab - Vascular Tissue Engineering

Bashur Lab - Vascular Tissue Engineering

About Vascular Tissue Engineering

        activated CORM mesh               smooth muscle cells phalloidin

Our work focuses on elucidating how cells interact with their microenvironment, including topography and scaffold composition, and using this knowledge to develop strategies to produce tissue engineered grafts. Lab members come from a range of engineering and biology backgrounds. All of these perspectives allow us to work on different stages necessary to develop clinical therapies: including (a) developing novel biomaterials, (b) exploring cell - microenvironment interactions, and (c) determining the viability of constructs in vivo.

Lab News

04/17: Congratulations Mozhgan for the Scientist Award from the Student - Young Investigator section (SYIS) of the TERMIS-AM conference

04/17: Congratulations Ronald for being selected for summer REU program at Rowan University

01/17: Congratulations Stephanie on your recent job at Eurofins Lancaster Labs

11/16: Congrtulations Kristin on your internship at Sun Nuclear Corporation

10/16:  Karamveer and Mozhgan's paper was selected as an editors' pick for the Biomedical Materials Journal 

03/16: Congratulations to Mozhgan and Aatish for your manuscripts that have been accepted for publication

04/15: Congratulations to Eden Michael for being recognized as Outstanding Graduate Student for the Biomedical Engineering Department