Transportation Systems Engineering Research (TSER)

About the Transportation Systems Engineering Research (TSER) Lab

Systems engineering is a non-traditional engineering discipline that involves technical and managerial approaches to develop operable complex systems that meet requirements within various types of constraints.  Systems engineering integrates various disciplines for the realization of systems, progressing through a series of phases, from initial concept to implementation and system retirement.  This integrative engineering discipline adopts a systems thinking/approach to emphasize overall system performance instead of individual component performance.

The focus of the TSER lab at Florida Tech is to implement systems engineering principles to develop practical solutions to complex problems associated with transportation systems.  Researchers at the TSER lab are currently investigating ways to improve the effectiveness and costs associated with the inspection of key structural elements within transportation systems (e.g., highway bridges, railroad bridges, and high mast lighting posts).  Their research efforts are expected to yield significant improvements in data gathering and analyses procedures employed to evaluate the structural health of transportation infrastructure elements. 

At the TSER lab, faculty and graduate students conduct research utilizing equipment such as aerial platforms and various types of sensors (e.g., mobile LiDAR, imaging and wireless sensors).  By conducting cutting edge research using the latest in sensor technology and data analyses approaches, researchers at the TSER lab are dedicated to developing solutions of high impact to society.