Systems Research Intelligent Design and Engineering (STRIDE)

Welcome to STRIDE at Florida Tech
Systems Research on Intelligent Design and Engineering

Lab Mission

There are three overarching, yet interconnected, missions of the SysTems Research in Intelligent Design and Engineering (STRIDE) Lab at the Florida Institute of Technology:

System Design Research

The first mission is to advance research in the field of Mechanical System Design through the emergence of computational methods to support complex system design. This is performed through the development of computational representation and reasoning models that support designers in understanding, analyzing, synthesizing, and designing complex systems. Ultimately, it is our goal to implement design tools and methods which improve system performance, development lead time, and efficiency, while decreasing overall cost and system uncertainty.

Design Education

Our second mission is to properly educate the next generation of engineers and design researchers on the design of complex, yet everyday systems. This is performed through continuous involvement with the Florida Tech Mechanical Engineering Senior Design Capstone.


It is STRIDE’s obligation to ensure we disseminate all research milestones to the research community in an effort to enhance design. Moreover, we will develop a working relationship with local industry to deploy and implement our developed tools and efforts. This feedback will assist in further enhancing our development methods.