The Space exPloration And spaceCraft Engineering Laboratory (SPACE Lab), led by Professor Paula do Vale Pereira, is part of the Aerospace, Physics, and Space Sciences Department at the Florida Institute of Technology. 

We welcome interest from exceptional graduate students enthusiastic about space exploration. Students who have already been admitted into Florida Tech may contact Professor do Vale Pereira.


The SPACE Lab was established in 2023 by Prof. Paula do Vale Pereira. The research laboratory space is equipped with a large optical table (4ft x 8ft), workbenches, and a fume hood. Testing equipment, such as power supplies, oscilloscopes, and function generators, are also available at the lab.

Through the university, we have access to multiple workstations for professional engineering design software such as AGI STK, PTC Creo, and MATLAB. We also have access to multiple prototyping facilities, which are equipped with FDM, SLA, and SLS 3D printers, laser cutters, waterjet cutters, milling machines of 3 and 4 axes, and manual and CNC lathes.


  • Small satellites and CubeSats
  • Probes for the exploration of Ocean Worlds
  • Space exploration hardware development



Paula do Vale Pereira
Assistant Professor
Aerospace, Physics and Space Sciences
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Pete Panther
Andrew Cummings
B.S. Student
Aerospace Engineering
Gregory Zencey
Ph.D. Student
Aerospace Engineering
Pete Panther
Dylan Barnes
M.Sc. Student
Aerospace Engineering
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