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Laser, Optics and Instrumentation Laboratory(LOIL)

Study of Optical Tomography for Biomedical Imaging of Tissues Using Short Pulse Laser Sources

Study of Optical Tomography for Biomedical Imaging of Tissues Using Short Pulse Laser Sources
Current Sponsor: Oak Ridge National Laboratory

The objective of this research is to perform a comprehensive experimental and numerical study to analyze short pulse laser propagation through tissue phantoms containing inhomogeneities and animal tissue samples. For short pulse laser source, the shape of the output signal is a function of the optical properties of the medium and hence the scattered temporal optical signal helps in understanding the medium characteristics. The temporal profile of the optical signal helps in determining the optical properties of the medium while the spatial profile helps in determination of the exact location and size of the inhomogeneity imbedded inside the medium. In vivo imaging of anaesthetized rats having mammary tumors and with tumors injected on the skin as well as below the skin surface is performed in order to test the time-resolved optical tomography detection system. Experimentally measured, scattered, reflected and transmitted optical signals are validated with numerical modeling results obtained by solving the transient radiative transport equation using the discrete ordinates method and discrete transfer method.


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