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Kishore LabFunctional Biomaterials and Tissue Eng.


Book Chapters

1. Nijsure MP, Kishore V; Collagen-based Scaffolds for Bone Tissue Engineering Applications, Orthopedic Biomaterials (Springer), 187-224, 2017.

2. Kishore V, Alapan Y, Iyer R, Mclay R, Gurkan UA; Application of Hydrogels in Ocular Tissue Engineering, Gels Handbook: Fundamentals, Properties and Applications, Volume 2, 137-64, 2016.

Journal Publications

1. Schmitt T, Kajave N, Cai H, Gu L, Albanna M, Kishore V; In Vitro Characterization of Xeno-free Clinically Relevant Human Collagen and Its Applicability in Cell-laden 3D Bioprinting, Journal of Biomaterial Applications, accepted, 2020.

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