Kishore Lab - Functional Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering


Welcome to Kishore Lab

Research in Dr. Kishore's Functional Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Laboratory focuses on recreating the tissue extracellular microenvironment by employing novel scaffold fabrication methods and studying the role of ECM physicochemical properties on cellular differentiation and matrix remodeling. Collagen, the most predominant protein found in the human body, is the material of preferred choice. Specific projects include the development of tissue-mimicking collagen-based scaffolds for the replacement of diseased arteries, reconstruction of injured bone-tendon/bone-ligament interfaces and repair of damaged cornea. For each of the projects, different fabrication methods such as 3D printing, electrochemical compaction, or plastic compression are employed to develop scaffolds that mimic the composition, mechanical properties and structure of native tissue. Studies focus on elucidating cell-biomaterial interactions in vitro, scale-up of the biofabrication process for automated and large scale production of bioscaffolds, and investigating the in vivo performance of the bioscaffolds towards clinical translation. Results from this work have been well received at numerous national conferences (BMES, TERMIS, Society for Biomaterials) and have been published in Biomaterials, Acta Biomaterialia, Biofabrication, Journal of Biomedical Materials Research and Biomedical Materials.