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The NEural TransmissionS (NETS) Lab within the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Florida Institute of Technology focuses on developing deep learning models, traditional machine learning, and statistical analysis applied to various domains.

Nets Group

NETS Lab Kick-off Lunch 2022 (NETS Team and collaborators)

We have major interests and research projects in the following areas.

  • Computer vision, sensor fusion, and guidance and navigation for autonomous on-orbit servicing missions and proximity operations using spaceflight hardware and edge computers

  • Modeling Information flow through neural networks to develop efficient neural architectures, optimize the training process, enhancing model interpretability, and detecting data bias

  • Physics-informed neural networks for biofluid flow and seismic wave propagation

  • Synthetic data generation for medical, geoscience, and astronautics applications

  • Analysis of stochastic processes: developing mathematical theory with practical applications to stochastic networks and queueing systems

  • Statistical modeling and machine learning projects in global development and marine biology