Florida Tech Campus Wildlife

We are a Green Campus

Florida Tech is listed as a Green campus by the Princeton College Review because of our campus emphasis on sustainability. Part of that greenness is quality of wildlife habitat on campus. With acres of ponds, woodlands, wetlands and streambank, the Florida Tech campus is an important haven for both resident and migrating species.

A Wildlife Oasis

Florida Tech students showing that FIT is a Green campusHabitat loss is the #1 threat to wildlife in the USA. Florida Tech has a diversity of rich habitats for wildlife. Since its inception Florida Tech has had a joint mission to provide a great education and to be a hub of innovation and research, and to provide beautiful grounds accessible by the local community. Our geographic location was not only ideal for the rocket scientists who started the school but for biological diversity. Our campus lies at the boundary between the subtropics and temperate zones, so that we get a mix of species from each, adding up to unusually high biodiversity. We have acres of woodlands, ponds, and wetlands that offer breeding and feeding grounds for an astonishing diversity of plants and animals. In these pages we introduce you to some of the easily seen wildlife on campus.