Spring 2017

Welcome the New Graduate Research Assistant

Matthew Gold will be joining the USERfriendly Lab for the 2017/2018 year!

Graduating Seniors

Amanda Gallo; Psychology BA, Neuropsychology concentration
Lindsey Johnson; Psychology BA, Clinical concentration
Anesia Rolle; Forensic Psychology BA, Industrial Organizational concentration
Bailey Whitmore; Psychology BA, Clinical concentration

Florida Undergraduate Research Conference Presentations

Chheda, K., Whitmore, B., Narayan, S., & Ellis, K. (February, 2017). Modeling factors influencing evacuation behaviors in coastal citizens during Hurricane Matthew.

Rolle, A. (February, 2017). What characteristics make individuals more susceptible to false memory?

Johnson, L. (February, 2017).

Fall 2016

University of Central Florida Student Conference Poster Awards

1st Place Experience Award

Bailey Whitmore* & Katrina Ellis (2016). My experience as a Guardian ad Litem. University of Central Florida’s Student Conference, Palm Bay, FL.

2nd Place Research Award

Lindsey Johnson*, Kinjal Chheda*, Kelley Chilson*, & Katrina Ellis (2016). Numerical formats in educational materials. University of Central Florida’s Student Conference, Palm Bay, FL.

Spring 2016

Graduating Seniors

Congratulations to Jessica Bunting for graduating with her BS in Psychology!