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Kinjal Chheda is an undergraduate senior in neuropsychology. Throughout her years at Florida Tech, she have done several things to be involved on campus such as being a member of different organizations (Indian Student Association, Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society, Homecoming, and Badminton Club). Kinjal was a Public Relation leader of Pre-Med Club and Panther Prep Leader of Fall Orientation Team 2016. She is currently a member of two research teams: I/O Psychology and Cognitive Psychology. During her Senior year, she presented two professional research posters at conferences and won an award for one of them. She has been on the Dean's list since freshmen year.

Kinjal is an outspoken person who loves adventures (Bunjee jumping, sky diving, roller coasters, camping, scuba diving…you name it and she is ready for it). She enjoys swimming, badminton, and table tennis. During her leisure time, she likes to draw and watch TV (be a couch potato at times).

Her future plan is to attain her masters in I/O Psychology because the concept of bringing science to industries sounds really exciting to her. She believes employees play a crucial role in making a company successful and so it is necessary to keep them satisfied. Her dream job would be to help employees manage work-family conflicts and come up with innovative ways to keep them happy. So far, neuropsychology and cognitive psychology have helped her understand the links between the brain and personality. In future, she would like to relate this knowledge while studying I/O psychology.

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