Multi-Rater 360 Feedback

Improve the capabilities of your managers and leaders, promote from within and improve the work culture through systematic leadership development and engaged coaching. Grow alignment between leadership team and employees to build commitment and manage change.

An effective performance assessment is essential to the effective functioning of any organization. The Center helps organizations implement performance assessment and leadership assessment through multi-rater feedback systems. The experts from The Center work to develop customized surveys, assist in the selection of raters, provide feedback reports, and address communication issues. The Center will work with your organization's unique situation in mind to develop a solution that will work for you.

All leadership development and 360 solutions are not equal.  They all have pros and cons.  Our team will assist in increasing the effectiveness while at the same time addressing all concerns and common mistakes about conducting a leadership 360. 


  1. Employees felt their opinions had been actively sought and heard
  2. There is a more open and communicative environment among employees
  3. Enhanced individual and group performance
  4. Coaching and training needs are met
  5. Enhanced self awareness
  6. Multiple viewpoints = less biases

Common Concerns

  1. Not everyone knows how to give constructive feedback
  2. Evaluations can be taken the wrong way
  3. They can lead to conflict and hurt feelings if not given correctly
  4. Irrelevant feedback can play a role
  5. Compromising confidentiality between employees
  6. There may be a gap between an organization’s objectives and what the survey measures

Common mistakes in using 360 degree Feedback

  1. Having no clear purpose
  2. Using it as a substitute
  3. Not conducting a pilot test
  4. Not involving key stakeholders
  5. Having insufficient communication
  6. Compromising Confidentiality
  7. Not making clear the feedback’s use
  8. Not giving people sufficient resources
  9. Not clarifying who “owns” the feedback
  10. Having unfriendly administration and scoring
  11. Linking to existing systems without a pilot
  12. Making it an event rather than a process
  13. Not evaluating Effectiveness

 How to make 360 degree feedback work and address the common mistatkes and CONS 

  1. Link the process to organizational goals and strategies
  2. Limit use of results to professional development
  3. Train all participants on the process and use of measurement instruments
  4. Promote an environment of trust and protect confidentiality
  5. Provide coaches or mentors to help participants process and act upon the feedback
  6. Use an external third party to administer the 360 tool